TAIBI opens a new chapter of digital commodity exchange |China Commodity Digitization Summit Forum concluded successfully


On August 29, 2020, the China Commodity digital Summit Forum sponsored by China Industrial Economics Research Institute, Beijing private science and Technology Promotion Association and TAIBI Digital commodity exchange was successfully held in Shenzhen OCT intercontinental hotel. TAIBI Digital commodity exchange is the first digital commodity exchange in China at present. This forum also focuses on the ecological construction of TAIBI Digital commodity exchange, that is, the implementation and application of commodity digitization. This meeting invited a number of leading guests and experts to jointly discuss the main role of blockchain technology and digital currency in the construction of digital economy and the future development direction, As a part of the construction of digital economy, commodity digitization will help accelerate the development of digital economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of economic structure and social progress.

The meeting was opened by Wang Zhiguo, former Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for science and technology, former vice chairman of all China Federation of industry and commerce, President of Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and President of Beijing private science and Technology Promotion Association. Wu Xiangqing, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Economic Committee of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference and former deputy director of the budget Working Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Wu Xiangqing, founder of Lingguan capital and CEO of the stock exchange, delivered speeches one after another.

After the speech, Qi Xuchun, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, announced the opening of the forum, and together with director of the Soviet army, chairman Cai Esheng, President Wang Zhiguo, President Li Lihui, vice chairman Li Bingji, Vice President Jiang Wenquan, executive vice president Fang Guohui, executive vice president Huang Kuan, President Wu Xiangqing and President Tao Haijun went to the front of the stage to dump Jinsha to complete the launching ceremony of the forum.

Hou Yunchun, President of China Enterprise Evaluation Association and former deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, officially launched the meeting, giving a wonderful speech of “digital economy leading high quality development”.

After that, Lu Yinlin, former director of the general office of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, executive president of Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute and executive chairman of Beijing private science and Technology Promotion Association, read out the reply on Approving the establishment of the Institute of data and business of Huaxia Industrial Economy Research Institute, and Wang Zhiguo, President of President Wang, issued an appointment letter to Wu Xiangqing, vice president of Huaxia Industrial Economics Research Institute The research institute has officially stepped into the public view and made outstanding contributions to the development of digital economy.

Cai Esheng, former vice chairman of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and chairman of South South financial cooperation center, made a speech on the theme of “blockchain technology promoting the digital transformation of economy”. He said: we should use blockchain to promote China’s digital transformation. We can confirm the right of data through blockchain, and ensure the authenticity and reliability of digital assets through blockchain.

Finally, Tao Haijun, Founder of Commodity Digitization, gave a keynote speech on “commodity digitization – new business development model”. Commodity digitization is the inevitable result of the application of blockchain technology in e-commerce industry. Digital quotient is a closed-loop ecology of data capitalization and commodity digitization. Digital quotient is an effective tool for increasing personal income, increasing for enterprises and increasing for society It is based on the smart contract and the principles of fairness, justice and openness. It promotes the ecological development and community of the whole society, from the economy to the consumption economy, so as to realize the ecology of the whole industry.

After the wonderful speech, the signing ceremony, the founder of leader capital, Taibi

Wu Xiangqing, CEO of the stock exchange, signed a cooperation agreement with Mo Bing, President of Tongzhou electronics; Wu Xiangqing, founder of Lingguan capital and CEO of Taibi digital trading exchange, signed and reached a cooperation agreement with an xutao, director of mengcao ecology.

The last part is the finale of the conference, with Ling Jianbo, general manager of Coship electronic innovation business department, Wu Xiangqing, founder of Shenzhen innovation college, founder of Lingguan capital, CEO of several business exchanges, and Hutton capital The round table forum, composed of Founder Yang Zexi and Meng Cao ecological Director an xutao, launched a wonderful discussion around the theme of “how to seize the dividend brought by the digitization of commodities”.

The round table forum pointed out that the era of digital economy has been quietly coming, the dividend brought by commodity digitization will continue for a long time, and enterprises in various fields have layout. At present, the leading enterprises mainly focusing on the construction of industrial ecology have achieved fruitful results. In the future, the development of digital economy will gradually penetrate into every industry field, although the application of commodity digitization will continue However, it has not yet been popularized, but the future is wonderful, the future is very long, and the future has come. Only by keeping pace with the pace of progress can we seize the dividend brought by the digitalization of commodities.