Swift Money Started Offering Payday Loans with Zero Restrictions and Minimum Paperwork


At a time when banks are tightening their loan approval policies, Lancashire based Swift Money recently started offering payday loans with zero restrictions and minimum paperwork.

Swift Money, a UK based loan products provider, recently introduced bad credit payday loans for their customers in the UK. The announcement from Swift Money came at a time when banks are bracing themselves for the possible economic turmoil that will likely follow Brexit in March next year. The owners of the lending institution confirmed that they do not verify the income of their loan applicants while providing the short term loans and the payday loans. They added that people with poor credit score can also apply for their loans. Customers can now visit https://swiftmoney.com/ to apply for loans online.

Banks have become all the more cautious when it comes to approving loans. This is because Brexit will possibly happen in next March and top financial institutions are taking precautionary measures to withstand the heat”, said one of the top executives of Swift Money. “However, we will continue to offer bad credit payday loans to our customers in and outside Bolton and Lancashire. We offer 97% approval rate and instant decision, which is why a lot of people have placed their trust on us. Whether someone wants to repair their car, or pay off unexpected bills, or just clear up their rent or mortgage, they can take up the instant payday loans we offer”, added the executive. He also added that customers can visit https://swiftmoney.com/payday-loans-for-bad-credit.php to apply for loans.

The executive also informed the press that loan applications and related queries can now be sent to them via email, phone call or live chat. Swift Money, which is registered with and regulated by UK’s regulatory authority FCA, now also offers an easy way to apply for bad credit payday loans as all the loan applications can be made and sent using their online system.

The CEO of Swift Money said, “Since we conduct no credit check, a large number of applicants apply for the loans day in and day out. We take pride in the fact that except for a handful of cases, we almost always approve the loan applications as we believe that money should not be a condition for reaching specific life goals, and achieving certain things in life. We will continue to offer loans at low interest rates”.

About the Company

Swift Money is a reputable lending institution from Lancashire, UK.

To know more, visit https://swiftmoney.com/