Swift Money Now Assures over 95% Approval Rate against All Applications for Short Term Loans


Swift Money, a UK based lending institution, recently announced that more than 95% of applications for short-term loans were pre-approved in the last three quarters of 2018.

UK, 1st October

Swift Money, a leading lending institution based in the UK, recently announced that they approved 95% of applications for short term loans in the last three quarters of 2018. The owners of the lending institution also announced that they will assure the same approval rate in the fourth quarter as well. They also added that maintaining a high approval rate helps them in gaining traction in the highly competitive loan marketplace in the UK.

“We are known to our target consumers for our very high loan approval rates, and we also try to offer the lowest interest rates to our customers. Once a loan is approved, the loan amount is deposited to the applicant’s bank account within ten minutes. Since we offer a one-page loan application document, and the paperwork is minimal, people find it extremely easy to apply for loans. We have maintained a high loan approval rate in the previous three quarters and we can assure 95% approval rate or higher in the coming months as well”, said a top executive of Swift Money at a press conference.

At present, customers can just visit https://swiftmoney.com/short-term-loans.php to apply for loans.

The executive also added that their loan products are all FCA approved, which means the customers don’t run the risk of getting scammed in the process. Aside from that, Swift Money also offers myriad benefits to their customers, including strict data encryption and a watertight data protection policy, instant approval, and zero processing fees. The executive informed that they will soon venture into other areas of the financial market.

The CEO and managing director of Swiftmoney recently met the press and told that their aim is to take the loan approval rate to 97% by the end of the fourth quarter. “We have already got a number of highly experienced loan advisors and executives onboard and we are inching closer to the magic figure, which is hundred per cent approval rate. We have already assured 95% approval rate on the short term loan applications and we will take it to 97%”, he told the press.

About the Company

Swift Money is a UK based lending institution offering payday loans and short term loans.

To know more, visit https://swiftmoney.com/