Star Light Chain helps a new generation of decentralized exchanges break through the value barrier


With the development and popularization of block chain technology, the crypto digital currency market is growing. From meeting the transaction needs of a small number of people at the beginning, it has developed into a new trend of global digital finance. When the crypto digital currency gradually develops to the mainstream financial products, the disadvantages of the existing centralized exchanges begin to appear gradually. The market needs more decentralized exchanges with credibility, technology and strength, industry ethics and security to promote the healthy development of the market.

Aurora exchange is the technology product under this concept. The members of Aurora exchange’s technical team come from traditional Internet giants such as Google, Alibaba and Net Ease. Based on the hot exploration of block chain, its team constantly explores the block chain technology and its application in the commercial field, and is committed to building a “fair, just and open” decentralized exchange, making the transactions and assets on the chain safer, and providing the whole chain of investment and financing services for all walks of life. Now, after more than three months of development, Aurora exchange has more than 50000 registered members, and has many community clubs offline. We all know that it is a long way to go to complete the commercial coverage of the exchange, but it is of great significance. More industry ecology needs to be integrated into the exchange, and SLC starlight chain emerges as the times require.

As an enabling commercial entity, starlight chain links the technology public chain in the commercial field and promotes the development of a new generation of decentralized on chain trading platform. It may become a vigorous dark horse in the field of decentralized digital currency and new finance, thus creating a new pattern of digital finance in the future. As a public chain, starlight chain will be widely used in the fields of “real estate, cultural tourism, entertainment, health and education”. Based on the SLC technology, the entity commercial sub chain is developed. The SLC becomes the exchange assets of other sub chains. The SLC adopts the deflation destruction mechanism. The sub chain needs to pledge a certain value of SLC currency before it can be issued on the chain and online on the exchange. Moreover, SLC can enjoy the airdrop benefits of sub chain permanently, and the future value of starlight chain will be unlimited.

And starlight chain creates a hundred times the value through three perfect ecological plates and ecological logic

1. Sub chain incubation.

Starlight chain will be widely used in the fields of real estate, culture and tourism, entertainment, health and education. Based on SLC technology, develop entity business sub chain to realize the same rights of currency and stock.

2. Shopping malls are strictly selected.

In the future, starlight chain will create a famous and excellent shopping mall, launch the world’s top famous brand goods, and create a quality life for users.

3. Trading market.

In order to strengthen the circulation of digital assets and create a trading platform for star chain assets, starlight chain provides users with a one-stop channel for other digital assets.

Starlight chain helps Aurora trading platform landing ecology, with a long-term goal. It strives to create a leading decentralized trading platform, so that Aurora exchange has a first-class decentralized digital currency new financial ecology. In the future, the platform will continue to take technology as the guide, take compliance as the criterion, take trading platforms all over the world as the fulcrum, and combine its own experience in block chain technology and operation to provide safe, compliant and more credible technical services for global users.