STAR leads open Internet finance 2.0, a disruptive new portal that combines emerging secondary market and traditional primary market


Virtual currency is built on the block chain technology, encryption, transmission, and distributed storage technologies are becoming increasingly innovative and subversive, increasing the efficiency of the Internet world.

In the financial model from the mainstream of the secondary market gradually introduced and improved innovation. In recent 10 years, it has become the most eye-catching, most efficient  and most numerous field in the emerging secondary market, attracting numerous hot money, flow and institutions to rush for virtual currency.

In 2020, the great innovation in the coinage financial model triggered by DeFi’s liquidity mining gave birth to the YFI whose currency price exceeded bitcoin, attracting great attention in this extraordinary year of COVID-19. Based on DeFi’s liquidity mining, STAR is the first to introduce the full ratchet provision of the traditional primary market PE private equity investment, and the anti-dilution hedging clause ensures that the investor’s value has been growing steadily. This innovation has brought about a huge consensus effect and laid a solid foundation for the upcoming opening of the Chinese market.

STAR is not only a single block chain project, not only a decentralized open financial circle, but also the integration of many research results of a distributed privacy Internet based on block chain. It will play an important role in identity security, Internet freedom, privacy, decentralization of open finance and business. What STAR can say is to rebuild a new, open Internet Finance 2.0 platform on distributed anonymous nodes, which will lead us to an unprecedented free space, Galactic space( interstellar space).

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