Aims at Offering the Latest Lolita Fashion Apparels to the Fans of the Japanese Subculture


Lolita subculture of Japan first became popular in the late 1980’s and retro fashion enthusiasts in the West and elsewhere gradually went gaga about the fashion subculture., an ecommerce store, now aims at catering to the fans of the Japanese fashion subculture., an online store that sells various types of Lolita clothing products, is now aiming at building their customer base among a section of teenagers and fashion enthusiasts who have a penchant for Lolita dressing. The company, which specializes in designing and crafting different types of Lolita dresses, is also aiming at finding a customer base globally, with export volumes having already reached the target margin.

At present, is selling three main types of Lolita dresses. “The first type, Sweet Lolita, mostly comes with cute motifs. Classic Lolita, which is the second type and the most sought-after type now, has dark colours and antique motifs. We also sell Gothic Lolita dresses to our customers in China and abroad”, said a sales and marketing manager of during a press conference. “However, the boundaries between these types are not distinct and one may just find a Lolita dress which reflects both Gothic and sweet styles, or sweet and classic styles”, he added.

According to the sales and marketing manager of, they will soon offer discounts and special offers on all sorts of Lolita dresses. “We are a global ecommerce platform. Since our inception, we have been trying to promote the Japanese subculture as this is unique among all types of fashion trends in the world”, said the sales manager.

The company now offers Cosplay dresses, punk dresses, and aristocrat dresses, along with the three main types of Lolita dresses. “We are trying to offer the lowest price on all sorts of Lolita dresses as our customers always look for attractive deals while shopping for Lolita dresses online. However, we lay equal emphasis on quality and customer service so that our buyers can buy with complete peace of mind. Also, the payment options are completely secure and we ensure doorstep delivery of all of the products”, said the CEO and managing director of during a press conference.

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