SLG quantitative management platform 1.0 is officially released!


I. Preface

With the constant increase of investment categories in the investment market, how can we select the correct investment direction? How can we gain abundant investment earnings in the selected investment categories? It is widely believed that these two problems are urgently concerned by numerous investors. SLG quantitative management foundation finds that the investment field is basically divided into traditional investment products and emerging investment products through the investigation of the market department.

By regarding the traditional investment field as an example, the foreign exchange market is a huge capital cake. By virtue of the high turnover, high market transparency, flexible levering, fewer transaction costs, and bidirectional exchange, its profits are not limited by market conditions. Hence, it is favored by the public. The digital currency based on the blockchain belongs to the representative of emerging investment products. With relatively high investment risks, it shows more risks for new investors. Relatively speaking, some blockchain investors prefer to safety. Under the circumstance, by aiming at the existing market environment, SLG quantitative management foundation releases SLG quantitative management platform 1.0 officially.

II. Brief introduction of the project

Brief introduction: SLG quantitative management foundation is a professional institution registered in Seychelles. It provides flexible and deep mobility for the huge foreign exchange market and digital currency. SLG always carries out business for various countries around the world based on the transaction principles of fairness and justice. In 2019, it helped thousands of global clients to provide the in-depth technical support for SLG. Its foresight is to introduce the popular digital currency and traditional foreign exchange margin trading to SLG quantitative project. It is deeply recognized by the market for the intelligent quantitative function that automatically executes the best purchase infection point.

Salagim(Seychelles) Transaction Technology Co., Ltd is based on the digital statistics and digital modeling and utilizes the computer technology to provide the digital currency quantitative platform services for clients of the digital currency field and foreign exchange transaction. Moreover, it uses the excellent quantitative transaction capacity of the team to provide quantitative investment management services for digital currency investors.

Philosophy of SLG foundation: The core investment philosophy of SLG is to use the effective quantitative transaction model and to conduct the 24h intermittent transaction in the global digital market, hoping to look for the transaction chance with low risks and good stability.

III. Product introduction

(1) Product types: CTA quantitative strategy, low-frequency arbitrage strategy, cross-exchange arbitrage and multiple composite products

(2) Product settlement mode: USDT

(3) Transaction objects: BTC and ETH or other mainstream currencies, EURUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD or other traditional foreign exchange transactions.

  • Summary

The occurrence of SLG quantitative management foundation will bring a cardiac stimulant to the depressed investment market. Through the technical means, it helps many investors to be confident in investment and lift a round climax of quantitative transaction around the world.