Shocking on-line:Purcow,Born To Be Different

It’s known that a new digital asset service platform,””, will be launched on April 27, 2018.After understand about it,” Currency Trading Center” is the first platform in the world to build MT4 system to provide trading experience for digital currency assets,which is located in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific financial center,it also have 15 years experience about service enterprise users.

At the beginning of the establishment of ””,it has obtained the famous block chain Angel investor’s investment.The core members of the team are come from Google, Goldman sachs, Tencent, Facebook and other world-renowned companies.They have abundant experience in block chain technology, Internet product operation and financial security operation.All the team took half of time to prepare, ongoing research and development work,devoted themselves to provide technical support for the thousands of global foreign exchange platform and business solutions, tens of millions of f client users indirectly.

Nowadays,be basad of the innovation consciousness,and follow the historical trend of foreign exchange users to invest in digital assets.”” is the most consistent with the trading habits of foreign exchange users, and truly seamless connection with MT4 digital asset service platform.At the same time, the ”” also provides various value-added services for the global exchange platform to realize the personalized needs of customers.

”” are keep on the belief of ”Professionalism”, work hard, as the customer service for the most important. Let’s focus on whether the ”” can carry the MT4 system to become the most popular digital currency trading platform.