Shield Garage Door Repair from Deer Park TX to Observe July as Residential Garage Door Safety Month


Shield Garage Door Repair, a garage door repair service provider in Deer Park, Texas, recently announced that they are going to observe July as the ‘Residential Garage Door Safety Month’.

USA, 24th June

Shield Garage Door Repair, a leading garage door repair service provider in Deer Park, Texas, recently announced that they will observe July as the Residential Garage Door Safety Month. During the month of July, the company will spread awareness about the importance of residential garage door safety. Though the owners maintained that their awareness campaign will be a pan-American one in approach, they also added that their focus region is Texas for the time being. The company, which offers garage door repair services in Deer Park, Texas for all sorts of garage doors, including high-performance garage doors, aluminum full-view doors, and pre-finished residential garage doors, will conduct a few workshops during the month of July.

“In July, we will be observing the importance of garage door safety. People who follow us on our social media channels will get daily dose of safety tips from our experts”, said Steven Peterson, the co-owner of the garage door repair service provider in Deer Park TX. The company will also raise awareness in Deer Park about proper and methodical inspection of residential garage doors, and all sorts of garage doors for that matter. “A full checklist is required for checking the damages and possible causes behind garage door malfunction. People who use DIY tricks to repair their garage doors themselves must follow a proper checklist before repairing or maintenance of garage doors”, Steven added.

The owners of the Deer Park based garage door repair business recently called a press conference and the owners said that broken garage doors are the biggest reasons behind car thefts in Deer Park and in all parts of Texas. They said that gate openers that were manufactured before 2000 need to be replaced as per DASMA or Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association in the USA. “However, many residential garage doors do not realize that their outdated garage door openers need to be replaced, which makes their garage doors even more vulnerable”, added Steven during the press conference. He also said that his company is now committed to offer free inspection during the month of July.

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