SEXN——Focus on gender culture, care about sexual health

Sex, a flavor of life, is a necessity in daily life. It is the foundation for couple to maintain affection, thus, we must have an overall comprehension to sex. Most people think the young have an urge to sex. However, it is also important to a man with middle-age, because sex is closely linked with the physical health.

To spread the knowledge of sexual health, we will make lectures and build forums and invite Doctor Lin, who is the international gender expert, as our resident guest, creating a nonprofit social organization about sex and love education.
SEXN, based on the block chain, focuses on building a new gender block chain system. SEXN will combine the application of education which is based on the block chain and build the block chain ledger. Therefore, it not only can share the information, but can identify to the whole supply chain and write the message down. In this way, we will improve the tracking and traceability of the entire process to decline the regulatory difficulty. To extend the application boundary and technology boundary of the block chain, we will make the internet users feel the value of the block chain and build a new ecosystem of developer based on the block chain and of the user.

SEXN actively builds the forum for sex. The forum of sexual health, combining the commentary and recommendation together by the sexual health experts, focuses on the health of global male and female, on the sexual harmony to improve people’s healthy life. The gender forum is lectured by the famous sexual health experts, offering communication and commentary for sexual harmony and healthy life and so on. The aim of SHFM is “ Making the female more beautiful, making the male more charming”.
Because of its great influence of famous experts, the forum of gender health focuses on becoming the tutor of gender health. It will tailor new direction for some special friends and attract investment of rich man for billions of views.
Depending on its exceptional resources and powerful capital, the forum of gender health will promote the gender health and make a bridge between the experts and people focusing on the gender health. The forum will serve for spreading health and building beautiful and convenient life.
It is reported that sex can make people happiness. According to some medical evidence, those people who is sexual harmony have longer life. Thus, SEXN focuses on gender health and the level of gender health.