SEXN explains why they can lead a better life to people


As the freest country in Holland, it has a very open attitude towards sex and sex education from dolls, but Holland is one of the countries with the lowest abortion rate in the world. The first time behavior of adolescents in Holland is about 17 years old, and shows an upward trend. According to statistics in 2003, about 85% of adolescents in Holland took contraceptive measures during their first sexual intercourse. In Holland girls aged 15 to 19, the average pregnancy rate is 14.1/1000, and the average rate of abortion is 8.6/1000. In Holland, although there is no national unified education course on sex education, the Ministry of education has issued a core curriculum, which stipulates the hard teaching goals of primary and secondary schools in sex education. The key to teaching is to let students respect different sexuality and let children learn to protect themselves from sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Therefore, the openness and friendliness of sex does not mean the overflow of sex. Sex education will not only cause the evil consequences of all kinds of imagination, but also protect young boys and girls and truly protect their youth.

Comprehensive sex education includes the anatomical structure and physiological function of the reproductive system, the education of disease prevention, reproduction and contraception, the development of sexual psychology, the related law and other knowledge; the education of interpersonal relations, intimate relations, communication and refusal skills, decision-making ability and other skills; understanding oneself, determining ability, responsibility, duty, and power. The education of informed choice and so on.

Sex chain, based on gender health, is the carrier of the gender health culture with the lectures of Dr. Lin Jianguang and other well-known international experts. Through the application of block chain technology, it is more comprehensive to learn the knowledge of the sexes and to popularize the correct cognition of the sexes.

Sex chain focuses on gender culture. The main applications are: the dissemination of gender health culture, the social public welfare organization that persists in sex education and love education, and the establishment of the “sex welfare gravitational Business School”, and the establishment of a gender health forum. Let the world women become beautiful women; let all men be charming men. Build a physiological health database to track physical health in real time. Through the chain chain technology tracing back to the source of forgery, the commercial products have quality and safety protection. As a product of investment target, block chain technology can be used to record the relationship between patent products and investment allocation. As an application to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the company’s equity investment is subscribed.

Scientific and technological achievements transform the production of product consumption. We believe that with your participation in the market for sexes and related education, the market will be a vast blue ocean.