sex chain——the new application of block chain technology in sex chain


After the sharply up and down in 2017, everyone worried about the air coin. Some projects began to show the superiority, but others are on the vice versa. Some people thought digital currency was bubble, however, the key reason about financial crisis can be blamed to credit loans. According to the survey of coindesk, only 19 percent interviewee bought digital currency by credit loans, and half of them had paid off their loans. Thus, we can hold an idea that digital currency is bubble with the least leverage and credit loans.


With the development of digital currency, it is adopted to large enterprises and banks. The idea of bubbles is gradually becoming a single voice. There is no doubt that SEXN is the best among this field. We all know that it is important to be credible in business society. In today, with digital economy explosion, the block chain with ground-breaking technology system can help industry and individual build refined credible system in various trade and transferring information, and also can promote the efficiency and security of trading. Among these function, Sexn makes it come true.


Using the block chain technology to build SEXN.

  1. Sexn is the is the anti-counterfeit code for the gender health products. All the gender health products have the unique block used for anti-counterfeit. Through the data analysis, it can be recognized whether the gender health product is quality product or not showing in the block-chain browser.
  2. Sexn has the ability of traceability to gender health products. Sexn can recognize the origin of the products, identifying where the products come from. The storage technology of block chain can record the processing, producing and selling of the original gender health products to be as a credit endorsement.
  3. Sexn is a special currency and the only certificate for block chain trading. Using sexn to buy products can cultivate the user’s habit of applying SEXN and in this way adding values to SEXN.

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