Secoo x Edison Chen will Release Limited Products, Fashion Brand Starts to Treasure Luxury E-Commerce

9th April, Secoo announced a cooperation with fashion brand Emotionally Unavailable (EU), which operated by Edison Chen and KB Lee. This cooperation will release limited products, designed by Edison Chen himself.

Edison Chen is a famous Hong Kong actor, rapper, sing-writer, producer, entrepreneur, artist and fashion icon. He is also the founder of fashion brand CLOT.

The collaboration will launch at 7th July exclusive on Secoo platform, which is also the ten-year anniversary of Secoo. This is also the first crossing-brand attempt for EU.

Emotionally Unavailable is operated by Edison Chen and the chief designer of Undefeated, KB Lee. EU was founded in 2013, since it launched, the brand has been highly recognized by the fashion market. EU cooperated with Japanese fashion brand Readymade to release a series of limited products, then launched “Seat down tee” inspired by Humble, a song of Kendrick Lamar.

Fashion brands have been fully integrated into luxury industry, Louis Vuitton x Supreme has set off a craze already. Edison, as an early bird of fashion, has his own understanding and attitude. Recently, Edison hold his art exhibition at 798 area in Beijing. The exhibition displayed 22 art pieces with the form of art and music, expressing his passion of pursuing high-end lifestyle, which coincides with Secoo’s development of advocating quality life.

Secoo, Asian’s largest premium lifestyle platform, targets at the exclusivity by offering comprehensive lifestyle service for high-end consumers. This new mode has beyond traditional e-commerce, and provides consumers an integrated offline and online experience center.

The collaboration with Edison Chen also shows Secoo’s appreciation for younger consumers, millennial generation has become main force of Chinese consumption. At the important milestone of ten-year anniversary, Secoo try to expand more business and co-branding for the exclusive pursue of younger generation, aiming at establishing a new hot brand.