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SCMT is a blockchain new medical service platform, based on the incentive book created by linearity. SCMT hopes to provide a more efficient, convenient and safe operation mechanism through the existing blockchain mechanism, which not only protects the privacy and safety of users, but also provides protection for future medical attributes. Now that the global epidemic is severe, the emergence of SCMT can provide users with a more stable guarantee. Guard against the future and act now. SCMT can bring a safe and reliable medical guarantee to every user and protect the medical health of every user.

SCMT cooperates with many medical and health institutions, including hospitals, medical laboratories, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc., and grants them permission to interact with platform data under certain conditions. Every interaction will also be recorded on SCMT’s distributed ledger. And to ensure the reviewability and integrity of medical records, users only have “read-only” permissions, and certified clinicians will get “read-write” permission.

The SCMT platform can reduce communication and medical costs. Users will have their own personal medical data accounts from the beginning of registration. Compared with the past situation where individuals lacked knowledge and access to their own medical data, this can greatly reduce the secondary medical process. The user’s medical cost in terms of disease history examination. When patients are in urgent need of surgery, the time and cost of a series of examinations under traditional conditions are eliminated. Through the decentralized blockchain ledger, the security protection of personal medical privacy data is perfectly realized.

On the other hand, SCMT can reduce insurance fraud. According to statistics, 5%-10% of medical and health expenditures are greyed out, including over-billing and random open items. For example, in the United States, gray medical income in 2018 will be as high as 80 million US dollars. In this regard, the blockchain system is used to automate most of the billing and payment procedures, thereby skipping the middleman, reducing administrative costs, and saving time for both patients and medical institutions. Through SCMT, personal information is accurate, true and cannot be tampered with. While effectively avoiding insurance fraud, it can also reduce the premium cost of the insured.

In response to the problem of data islands in the medical field, a permission extraction mode is set. Authorize medical institutions to extract non-identity information of all nodes. Medical institutions can obtain specific data on the occurrence of a certain disease and the concurrency of multiple diseases in each country, region, and even each time period or age group, and different genders. Can not correspond to specific individuals. In this way, the problem of data islands in the medical field is effectively solved, and personal privacy is protected.

Using the tracing characteristics of blockchain to keep personal medical medication records for decades, in the process of accountability for medical accidents, it can also provide strong evidence for determining the responsible party.

Blockchain + medical services

Medical payment and claims-Globally, the total annual medical expenditure exceeds 7 trillion US dollars, of which individual consumers pay nearly 18% or 1 trillion US dollars each year directly at their own expense, especially in the single payment mechanism and commercial insurance countries. Faced with the imperfect medical service ecosystem and the lack of initiative of consumers, the SCMT platform uses blockchain technology to reduce the waste of medical resources. Starlink Medical helps users determine the amount of out-of-pocket expenses in advance before receiving treatment, and provide services such as prepayment to avoid unexpected costs for users. Medical institutions can also reduce uncollected payments. Blockchain technology not only promotes the development of cryptocurrency, but also effectively prevents improper behaviors such as insurance fraud.

Personal health management-With the increase in chronic disease users worldwide, healthcare systems around the world are facing pressure from rising costs. For personal health management, SCMT can operate in a smart home/office environment, allowing users to safely track and collect personal health data, and most of these data come from networked wearable devices and other home monitoring devices. In this regard, smart contracts will be used in medical health identification. In case of emergency, it will trigger an alarm of potential emergency health conditions and pass appropriate information to clinicians and family members.

Digital medical records-SCMT saves the complete historical data of personal medical treatment. Users can consult past medical records and historical conditions, plan their own health, and provide valuable value for precise treatment and disease prevention.

Precision medicine-Blockchain can well obtain and use personal medical records and related population health data. Customized treatment and diagnosis services based on personal health data are expected to make precision medicine the mainstream.

The entire team brings together high-end talents from the computer field, artificial intelligence, blockchain, medicine, etc. from all over the world, combining the underlying technology with a sound economic model.

As a pass on the SCMT main chain, holding SCMT to participate in the medical service experience and transfer value in the star chain medical ecology can be used for internal settlement, purchase and payment of medical examination services, cross-platform payment for medical diagnosis and consulting service fees, and transaction fees And create smart contracts and promote the incentive mechanism of the ecosystem.

As a high-quality blockchain platform, SCMT allows projects to obtain investment in stages through continuous limited sales. SCMT adopts a variety of advanced mathematical models to subscribe and control the market at different stages. At the same time, it also gives encouragement and benign supervision to the project party, so that the project can develop healthily and ultimately return investors.

In short, while meeting the reliability, scalability, and security requirements of medical health data, SCMT realizes the safe storage and use of medical health data, maximizes the value of data, and allows users to experience the convenience and efficiency of digital medical services.