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Are you a fan of Tronbet? Or did you play DApps? Most of us play DApps like Tronbet for mining becuase mining from DApps is the trend instead of the traditional mining. It is with more fun and more acctractive dividends from mining in Tronbet. According to data of Tronbet, the DAU of last 24 hours are 3,000+ players; the last 24-hour volume is 843.456M. It has occupied the top of TRON DApps in transaction volume for a long time.

Why are so many miners fanscinated with Tronbet?

The answer is the attractive dividends. Miners know that Tronbet can provide not only the fun gameplays but also attractive mining earnings. Its token- ANTE, its price has ranked top of TRON tokens for a long time. Many miners believe its long-term value.

How to mine in an efficient way?

A Mining Tool that Can Help You win TRX: Vminer.TRONbet is a very popular game that almost everyone likes it. However, for some players and miners, it costs too much time and energy to keep playing inefficiently. They choose to use auto mode. But the auto mode doesn’t mean everything is OK. Sometimes we want to control the cost, we may hope to stop auto betting when TRX balance is low or when we have get enough ANTE.

However, the auto mode now can’t offer these functions, so we need a mining tool. Vminer can not only offer auto bet settings, but also help you earn TRX with special strategy!

Let’s take a look!

Guide for Vminer

1, Visit

2, In this page, you can see your TRX balance. The left part is the data of mining progress, and the right part is the betting history. You can join the telegram community by clicking “Join community” on the top right corner, and in the middle of the page, it is about the settings of auto mode.

3,You can choose recommended strategy or set manually. Vminer will offer you several strategies, and you may choose one to control the cost, even win more TRX (illustrated later); and if you choose manually setting, you can mine with your own strategy.

4, If you choose manually setting, the first thing you need to do is basic setting. Now Vminer only support the Roll mode of TRONbet, so you can set bet amount, prediction and wining chance.

5, And there are more settings. Click “Advanced Settings”, and you can see that more settings are offered.

6, After you completed setting, click the “Start” button.

How can you earn TRX with Vminer?

Other mining tools can only help users with auto betting, but Vminer can help users win TRX, how can Vminers do this?

On one hand, Vminer analyzes a lot of historic betting data, and find that there is big difference between actual winning chance and theoretical winning chance under different strategies. Vminer can analyze these differences and find strategies with high actual winning chance for users, so users will cost less, earn TRX;

On the other hand, Vminer picks data of good performance on TRONbet, analyzes the strategies.

Vminer can offer many auto betting strategy for users. These strategies are divided into two kinds. One offers low benefit and low risk, which is suitable for users who focus on mining to save their cost, and the other offers high benefit and high risk, which is suitable for users who wants to win more TRX when mining.

That is the magic of Vminer. It is not only a mining tool but also a quantized winning strategy.

Let’s have a try to experience the magic of Vminer!

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