RSA2018 Chinese Company Shows Leading Achievement in Dynamic Defense Research

On April 16, 2018, RSA Conference 2018, one of the most important activities of the cybersecurity industry, opened in San Francisco, USA. With the theme of “Now Matters”, this year’s RSA Conference focused on the global wave of digitalization, aiming to explore new areas of cybersecurity development under the backdrop of the digital age.

The Expo of this year’s conference opened on April 17 and has attracted hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world to present their innovative technologies and latest products. Here we can see the development trend and frontier applications of global cybersecurity technology in the commercial field. With the rise of Chinese economy, more Chinese companies have appeared at the RSA Conference and competed with international giants such as IBM, Cisco, McAfee and Juniper. Among these Chinese companies, there are large international enterprises such as Huawei, as well as many emerging startup companies. Among these exhibitors, a startup called Beijing VEDA Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“VEDA Security”) and the “AI Dynamic Defense Technology” they displayed have received special attention from many visitors.


VEDA Security’s “AI Dynamic Defense” technology is invented on the basis of “dynamic defense” theory while involving the strategic thoughts from the traditional Chinese classic “The Art of War” and artificial intelligence technology. It actively changes the network communications, hardware platforms, software data and other key elements of networks to build a dynamic and constantly changing information system that breaks the determinism, static nature, and isomorphism of traditional networks and undermines the conditions under which cyberattacks can be implemented, thereby greatly increasing attackers’ attack cost. At the same time, combining artificial intelligence and using deep learning to form behavioral memory, “AI Dynamic Defense” technology establishes “attack chain” model, and makes the system dynamically change the defense strategy based on the “situation awareness” of the current network to maximize the attack difficulty. This technology subverts traditional cybersecurity concepts, breaks the passive pattern of existing cybersecurity defense, and is the world’s first in the current development of new cybersecurity defense technologies.


“Dynamic Defense”, as a new concept of cybersecurity defense, is regarded as the trend of global cybersecurity development. American scholars have proposed a similar concept called Moving Target Defense (MTD). In 2011, the US National Science and Technology Council called it as a “game-changing approach” in cyberspace. In 2013, the US Department of Homeland Security started to fund the Moving Target Defense (MTD) project which was later merged into current Federated Security project. In such context, the research, development and application of VEDA Security’s “AI Dynamic Defense” technology currently seems to have taken the lead in the world.


With regard to the current threat situation to global cybersecurity, cyberattacks have become more intelligent and diversified. The cybersecurity industry is facing more severe challenges and needs more innovative ideas and technologies like “AI dynamic defense” technology to bring more effective solutions to the industry and ensure that global cyberspace is protected and in order, making the process of global informatisation healthier and more sustainable.