Ronald Aai and Cloud 2.0- A Vision for a Generational Technological Revolution


Once every while and in the midst of an unusual convergence, certain people collide with certain times and events to create a historical change, a generational paradigm shift, which can even cause a major movement on basic societal levels. When such events occur, there is always a person involved who understands how to use all the tools currently available to them from modern invention, but can also see beyond these limits and apply themselves to creating new devices from the unseen dimension of their mind. From this unseen dimension they then bring forth something new and revolutionary into the world which eventually evolves into a tool that becomes regularly used in society and is finally accepted and taken for granted as part of everybody’s daily life.

We have seen this phenomenon happen in the past with the advent of electricity, which was a novel invention that appeared in the age of candles. But now it is something we can’t live without, and we can’t even imagine life without it. The same is true of airplanes, radio, telephones, televisions, mobile phones, internet and wireless internet. In recent history, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have used all the modern tools available to them at the time, and then by creative inventions of their own, launched the world into new arenas never thought possible before. And even more recently we have observed the emergence of the next new paradigm- cryptocurrency. This is a new tool for innovation that has just recently emerged which has been waiting for someone to take it up and push its frontiers into a new dimension. And that time has now come with the arrival of Ronald Aai, who with his pioneering spirit and deep experience in the world of technology has started breaking up the fallow ground of the cryptocurrency world in preparation for the next step forwards.

Whats Coming Next?

Imagine now a global platform where everyone’s mobile phone was a portal into the world of cryptocurrency, containing a profit-generating cryptocurrency trading bot, an OTC, an Atomic Swap function, a global voucher redeem platform, and a world-wide travel booking service integrated with a global multi-account Simcard and a debit card, with this whole ecosystem being operated and paid for by earnings generated within the mobile phone app? This may sound quite out of our time, but this is exactly the vision of Ronald Aai which has subsequently birthed the vehicle to manifest his vision- Cloud 2.0.

The Three Year Plan

Ronald Aai has laid out a three year plan in which to realize this groundbreaking enterprise, in which time all the aforementioned features will continue to come online step by step. Just like any new invention or enterprise, the obstacles, opponents and naysayers are many, but despite all the barriers and in the true spirit of all creative entrepreneurs, Ronald Aai is indeed realizing the dream step by step by birthing each new phase of the Cloud 2.0 platform as promised.

It has been said from antiquity that “Fortune Favors the Brave”, and it is possible to see this proverb in action as Ronald Aai pushes ahead with the vision, birthing this project in a venture which many said was impossible or foolhardy. Forging ahead through the technological and cultural obstructions that stand in the way of all new inventions, the new Cloud 2.0 platform is indeed taking shape and causing a shaking in the cryptocurrency community.

As of July 2020, the vision of Ronald Aai continues to manifest step by step as he continues to develop this unique and exciting ecosystem.

The Jarvis AI arbitrage trading bot has remained highly successful, while competitors who claimed to have the same technology have fallen by the wayside. The Jarvis trading bot has consistently produced fully workable profits in it’s one and a half year history and shows great promise of sustainable income generation over the long term.

CloudRedeem is the function of Cloud 2.0 where members can directly convert their earnings into practical usable vouchers redeemable at different locations and services in various locations. As of today, CloudRedeem has already advanced into 13 countries and three continents, with more well on the way. In Asia eight countries are now covered, with Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines all being integrated into CloudRedeem via the Grab platform. Australia and the UK now have Uber and Uber Eats available, and now CloudRedeem has just integrated Amazon in the USA and France. It is the goal of Ronald Aai to have CloudRedeem become a part of daily life over the entire globe for all Cloud 2.0 members to enjoy.

Before Covid19 and the global ban on travel, CloudTravel was already taking operational shape, with members being able to book hotels anywhere in the world with their own earnings right from the app. In the future when the global pandemic is behind us, CloudTravel will be back not with just hotels but also flight bookings and car rentals, all from within the Cloud 2.0 app.

CloudSim, the versatile global roaming SIM card earlier also made an initial limited appearance and has proven to be an extremely welcome function in the Cloud 2.0 ecosystem. As time progresses its availability will increase more and more.

Currently the Cloud v2.0 Wallet is also under development, which will add a whole new dimension to the ecosystem, ushering in a new anonymous cryptocurrency transfer service which will take the cryptosphere into a new and long-awaited dimension.

In conclusion, now is the time the time and the place to watch the Cloud 2.0 space, and be a witness to what is occurring with Ronald Aai and the Cloud 2.0 vision. This kind of combination of vision, foresight, ability and daring only happen once in a while, and the rewards are always worth the price of participation!

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