ROAD and BvB Create the Next Legend in Cooperation


As an IEO project of OKEX, ROAD itself was born with a golden key. Focusing on the recent 30-day performance, its increase has generated more than 10 times of returns for investors on a global scale, adding another halo to ROAD again. For investors, 10 times the return is faith, but for ROAD, this is just a starting point.   

ROAD is determined to set up an interaction and accounting system of full life circle for automobiles based on blockchain technology, that is, automobile ledger. The automobile ledger builds the IoV and intelligent transportation ecosystem of ROAD with individual interaction and swarm intelligence, implements related commercial applications, and realizes the authentic right and privacy protection of user data with blockchain. Driven by business, ROAD has continuously realized the systematic marginal effect of increasing the overall participation population by expanding its business practice and business projects.

The strategic cooperation between ROAD and BvB this time will contribute to the ecological construction of ROAD in a more quick and efficient manner. The platform stores the data produced by its hardware products on the public chain of BvB in a distributed way, so as to jointly boost the development of the Internet of Vehicles, and take the industrial implementation as a booster to realize the close combination of online digital economy and real industry. As a dark horse project in 2020, BvB has shaped a global circulation ecosystem of top digital assets for 300,000+users around the world on the strength of extremely high liquidity and extremely strong driving force. In this cooperation, BvB will make use of its capital, technology and community advantages to fully support ROAD to attain a new height.

The world’s first cross-chain resonance mining makes ROAD and BvB run together across the public chain, and the only way to gain the original BvB is by pledging ROAD resonance, which makes the value of ROAD increase exponentially, and the original calculation power of BvB can be gained by holding ROAD.

By virtue of its good industry reputation and reliable hardware equipment, ROAD’s powerful economic system has generated more than 10 times of profit returns for early investors since its launch. The strategic cooperation between ROAD and BvB will surely begin a new chapter and create a new legend.