Quant quantitative housekeeper—leading digital currency investment into the era of artificial intelligence


  In recent years, the attention and media reports on block-chain technology have been expanding rapidly, the cognition of the future value of block-chain technology has been increasing gradually, and the population who regarded as potential digital assets is also expanding. Today, under the explosive growth of data, digital assets have become the investment direction of investors.

Quant Quantitative manager is set up by the Quant fund to serve individuals, teams or institutions with investment needs for encrypted digital currency.

Quant fund, the first hedge fund in the field of encrypted digital currency, is a special fund for exploring block-chain finance block-chain artificial intelligence trading and services. Through Quant quantitative manager, we use an effective quantitative trading model to conduct 24-hour uninterrupted trading in the global digital currency market, to seek low-risk, to stable trading opportunities, and to manage the trust assets of Quant quantitative manager users so that we can get rich profits for customers.

What is quantitative trading?

Quantitative trading strategy is an investment method to judge the market and formulate trading strategies through mass market data analysis and multi-factor monitoring.

What are the core technologies of Quant quantitative trading manager?

First, high-performance heterogeneous distributed cloud platform:

Supporting custom extension of big data algorithm and supporting CPU, GPU hybrid distributed computing.

Second, deep learning large-scale training system:

The model that supports hundreds of billions of parameters and the industry-leading memory optimization technology has greatly improved the accurate iteration speed of the strategy.

Third, high performance heterogeneous base algorithm library:

Various machine learning algorithms and mathematical processing algorithms including neural networks to store source data of minimum granularity of currency market.

Fourth, mass factor monitoring and analysis:

Multi-factor flexible construction and multi-latitude analysis framework support various factors to automatically monitor and analyze, in order to improve the accuracy of prediction.

Fifth, multi-asset back-testing framework:

Currency spot, contracts, leverage and other multi-asset and multi-strategy back-testing and rich derivative instruments can verify the effectiveness of the strategy.

Sixth, trading strategy optimization system:

The high-performance combinatorial optimization system, based on artificial intelligence learning, can improve the trend prediction and strategy fit geometrically.

Seventh, risk hedging model:

In line with the internationally leading risk model algorithm, it provides 28 technical factors and 16 growth factors, and adopts hedging strategy to resist the volatility risk comprehensively.

Eighth, financial experts and AI algorithm engineers:

The team that consists of financial trading experts, encryption algorithm experts and P2P full stack development engineers and 20 years of experience in the stock market strategist is the quantitative trading dream team.

Quant concept of quantitative strategy

Quant quantitative strategy can keep up with the trend in the whole rising process, and stop losses in time in the falling process to ensure the returns. Through the system to capture the down signals and take short-selling mechanism in a timely manner, so that it can also obtain stable earnings even in the bear market crush. Through the currency rotation strategy, constantly switch between currencies, and hold the currency with higher expectations of increase in turn, so as to maximize returns within the same time. Pursue stable and balanced income, do not take risks quickly, and chase and expand the returns at the same time in the plunge short and arbitrage. Maintaining win-win situation to cross the bulls and bears markets.

Quant quantitative manager contributes the returns to the trust.