Prosperity Flow LLC Launched Software Product for Daily Personal Development of Budding Entrepreneurs

Prosperity Flow LLC, a software development firm which runs under the inspiring leadership of Alec Friel, recently launched a software program which would help in daily personal development of aspiring entrepreneurs and being the software to assist business owners and sales representatives in the process of building stronger relationships while closing more sales


USA, 5th April

Prosperity Flow LLC, a software development firm founded by Alec Friel, who had a rather humble upbringing, recently launched their latest software product which will, among many other things, help in daily personal development of budding entrepreneurs and top executives, according to the founder of the firm. Alec, who has already authored an autobiographical book titled “The Millionaire’s Apprentice: From Poverty To Prosperity”, recently appeared at a press conference and talked about how his software program can help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to survive and achieve all the little things in life and at work against all the odds.


“I was born and brought up in Southwest Michigan by my single mother, who had to look after five other siblings of mine. I had to struggle a lot and always prayed for miracles to happen and also saw my aunt going from rags to riches. I started to follow my aunt to get an idea of her mindset, what kind of daily routine she follows and eventually I learned that everybody can surely change their lives for the better if they can take a few simple decisions on a daily basis. The lessons I learned through the thick and thin were the guiding principles for me and my team to develop this software program”, said Alec at the press conference.


It was in the summer of 2015 when the young entrepreneur envisioned a software program which would help individuals with personal development and building better relationships with potential clients and existing clients on a daily basis. “The software program would help the way people actually feel about themselves. The software program would also help them in increasing their ability to attain a better life through a belief system. It will also help entrepreneurs to automate relationship management between their businesses and the customers. Also, it will simplify the way directions flow right from the top of an organizational hierarchy to the bottom”, Alec said at the press conference, while also mentioning that they might upgrade the software product in the future and add many new features to it.


About the Company

Prosperity Flow LLC is a tech firm founded by young entrepreneur Alec Friel.

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