Prophet Chain Held A Conference In Hong Kong To Create A New Ecological Forecast Market Economy


On October 22nd, the “2018 Blockchain · Forecast Market New Economic Conference” hosted by Prophet Chain was officially held in Kowloon, Hong Kong. As a top event in the blockchain industry, the conference has gathered a lot of domestic and international blockchain industry leaders, blockchain technology experts and scholars, well-known industry entrepreneurs, economic professionals, as well as a lot of blockchain investment institutions, but also to attract nearly hundreds of well-known blockchain industry media in-person support.
In the meeting,Prophet Chain chief operating Officer Jack Walker , with years of in-depth research experience in the blockchain industry, has deeply analyzed the current situation of the blockchain industry and the development of new opportunities, summarizes the blockchain core technology in predicting the value of the market, and share the Prophet Chain Blockchain Development technology and application experience, and in the General Assembly announced the Prophet Chain Important layout and roadmap for blockchain application scenarios in predicting the market.
It is learnt that the prediction of the market has a long history, from the earliest prediction of the Pope’s successor began half a century ago, the advent of the Internet era of rapid development. In modern times, the forecast market has been widely used, including but not limited to finance, insurance, defense, health care, public administration, sports, entertainment, and even the internal prediction market. Because of the growing popularity of forecasting markets, it will become a popular tool for traders, especially as more platforms are introduced, and decentralized technologies increase confidence in these systems. Institutions and large companies such as Google have used forecasting markets to predict internal results of product development.

Prophet Chain has unearthed the important commercial value of predicting the market and blockchain technology, and will continue to drive the decentralized forecasting market with the world’s leading blockchain underlying technology to continuously release great value.

Prophet Chain go-to-center forecast market System innovation using the world’s leading blockchain technology and forecast market combination, the traditional internet can not be achieved on the large-area prediction Market application, on the value of the Internet to show up, really build a central, open and transparent forecast market.

Prophet Chain to focus on the forecast market with blockchain technology, data network consensus, non-tamper, the characteristics of its de-centralized so that the traditional forecast market is not maintained by the central server, but by the whole network node co-maintenance .

Prophet Chain to centrally predict the market, each participant is equal, breaking the traditional centralized forecasting team The final result is determined by one or several decision makers, and participants are free to vote and no longer rely on the endorsement of a single centralized decision. Because of this, the prediction platform can avoid being manipulated by the centralized organization, self-certification innocence, the restrictions of government supervision to a minimum.

Prophet Chain to center the forecast market as a blockchain platform, there is no national boundaries and space-time constraints, a blockchain-based de-centralized prediction market can attract global users, and the prediction object is no longer confined to the traditional forecast market discussion topic, the global users can according to their own interests, to ask and forecast any questions.

Prophet Chain predicting the market’s digital currency and smart contracts based on blockchain can guarantee the automation and financial security of its execution, as well as providing better convenience and liquidity to predict the market, and it is safer, more convenient and more efficient than the traditional centralized platform for each participant forecast on the blockchain platform.
The 2018 Prophet Chain Blockchain conference, this is a wonderful, unprecedented era of digital technology summit, it will trigger a new information technology revolution, the forecast market combined with Blockchain technology innovation Landing Classic case, we look forward to Prophet Chain.