PrivacyDevil Surges with Doctors, DigitalNomads and CoWorking Professionals


As the sun rises each day, a new breed of worker prepares to begin his day. Hoodie on, Nike trainers laced up, he heads out not to some office but to a Café. Welcome to the 21st Century where people from all walks of life are living in ultimate freedom. Be they reporters, bloggers or coders, they all have one thing in common; They are location independent.


Working from a café, surf bar or coworking space feels great. But it has its disadvantages. Literally anyone can see the contents of one’s screen. That is rather unnerving. A competitor at the next table may be swiftly taking notes about clients and trade secrets. Short of entering into a confrontation there is nothing one can do. Or is there?  Enter an innovative new product; The PrivacyDevil. The PrivacyDevil is a simple non-adhesive sheet (like an X-Ray Sheet) that one slides onto the screen, restricting the viewing angle to the user alone. Here is what one New York entrepreneur had to say:


“New York is not really known for its entrepreneurs and tech startups like San Francisco is, but it should be. There are a load of tech startups here all competing with each other. I am a coder building my own dream and I get to work from wherever I like. I often work out of a nearby CoWorking Space. Recently I found people are staring at my screen, some are even copying what I do. Really UnCool. So I ended up being a hermit working from home, isolated. I suffered, until I went to see my Doctor up in New Jersey. His receptionist was using this ultra-thin sheet that she just pops onto the screen and Poof! Nobody on either side can see what is on her screen. I learned it was called a PrivacyDevil. Since buying the PrivacyDevil I can now work from CoWorking spaces and Cafes wherever and whenever I choose.”

It is not just entrepreneurs that have fallen in love with the cheeky PrivacyDevil, Dentists, DigitalNomads, Chiropractors, Lawyers and Realtors have all started using the PrivacyDevil. One Dallas Realtor had this to say “Using a PrivacyDevil shows clients I respect their privacy and gives them a sense of comfort. It also puts me in a position of authority and shows I have put a lot of thought and consideration into the job. Clients really appreciate that I respect their privacy, and the high net worth clients I deal with are quick to notice such details. I even got one for my Husband who is a Surgeon and has practices here and in Houston”.


Doctors are particularly fond of the PrivacyDevil because of HIPAA Privacy Act regulations. A single HIPAA Privacy violation may result in a Fifty Thousand Dollar Fine. Here is what one North Carolina Doctor had to say “Patient records are highly sensitive. Imagine a patient had an STD test and someone glanced at that record on your screen and started a rumor? Pretty soon you get sued and you get fined. And then all the rest of your patients come after you. HIPAA fines are 50 grand each, upto 1.5 Million dollars a year. A Million and a Half bucks. That is enough to bankrupt several practices. And all because you’re not cautious or too cheap to pay thirty bucks for a PrivacyDevil? I use PrivacyDevils on each and every screen in my practice. I find patients really appreciate my discretion as well. One even called his dentist in front of me and demanded they begin using PrivacyDevils.”


From Dentists, Doctors and DigitalNomads to Chiropractors and Coders, on screen privacy has become of utmost importance. Coupled with the laptop lifestyle we are all living the risks of leaving screens naked and vulnerable cannot be ignored. A bit of caution and a preventative measure like a PrivacyDevil can save professionals from a world of pain further down the line.



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PrivacyDevil is a screen filter for laptops, desktops, and monitors that provides privacy while viewing in public or private areas.

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