PrivacyDevil: Becomes the Number 1 tool for Remote Working


In a recent survey of over 1000 remote workers, PrivacyDevil was ranked the number 1 laptop accessory for completing the digital lifestyle for remote workers.


One freelance tutor and PrivacyDevil user had this to say “I learned about PrivacyDevil when invigilating an exam at a top high school. Students were doing the exam on computer and to prevent cheating the teacher had installed PrivacyDevils on each child’s monitor so that only the student directly in front could see the contents of the screen. As I am a freelance tutor often working from cafés I just knew I had to have a PrivacyDevil Privacy Screen”


Travel Blogging is not just a hobby any more but a full-time lifestyle for many people, an essential part of travel blogging is of course travel. These bloggers must do things that captivate their audience from eating scorpions at street markets to skydiving. Blogging all these activities means they often have to quickly write articles at the nearest hotel lobby, airport lounge, business center or CoWorking hub yet maintain privacy. Here is what one famous travel blogger had to say “My content is unique, I earn a lot of money and get paid to splendidly to travel and have fun. Often, I am logged on and writing a creative article or even checking my finances and I need privacy, not just for security but also to focus. The PrivacyDevil has almost become a part of my body I never leave home without it. Using a PrivacyDevil Privacy Filter allows me to work freely on the move and made my life even more joyful”.


It is not just bloggers and freelance tutors that use the innovative PrivacyDevil, office staff, admin, human resources, inventors and engineers have started snapping them up, particularly in Silicon Valley in California. One respected California inventor had this to say “I create medical devices that often sell to companies you have probably heard of like Medtronic, these devices I invent are worth millions of dollars, but to invent I need my fix of coffee and some background noise so I work at a nearby Starbucks. I would usually hide myself in some dingy corner, hunched over to protect my screen, but since I discovered the PrivacyDevil Privacy Filter I have been liberated. I even got one for my Husband who is a Doctor specializing in IVF with two practices, one in Newport Beach and the other in San Francisco. As fertility is a very sensitive and confidential matter, Privacy is vital and he was so thankful as it helps his clinics remain compliant with HIPAA”.


Even pure creative types are swooning for the charming PrivacyDevil, one professional animator in Anaheim had this to say “As I am super creative and sought after I often dictate the terms of my employment and one of these is I get to choose where I work from. So, I am often by the poolside soaking up some sun in my swimming trunks getting creative on my laptop. As I am working on movies that are not yet released I’ve got to be particularly careful. I would often run off and hide in a dark café when the pool area got even a bit busy, but I was recently diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency so I had to find a way to be able to secure my screen privacy by the poolside. I discovered the PrivacyDevil when my Beverly Hills lawyer was using it and I now enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin D each day while working, thanks PrivacyDevil”



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