Predix Core Chain: Redefining the field of block chains indefinitely

Now in the field of financial science and technology, the most blazing hands can be hot than block chain technology, this innovation technology, which is considered to be subversive to the internet age, has greatly improved the organization efficiency because of its open, transparent, traceable and tamper-proofing features, and has reconstructed the current world rules, in the traffic, education, medical, agriculture, property rights, payment, There are many matching application scenes in traditional fields such as life service. Like the Predix Core chain, dedicated to the development of new ecosystems beyond Bitcoin and the etheric square, through a sophisticated design to achieve the long term technology evolution of bitcoin and the compatibility of the Ethernet square virtual machine, and industry-oriented, by moving the end of the Dapp development strategy, the technical advantages of the block chain to the different industries and ordinary Internet users, let us from the Internet to the block chain, and gradually into another great era.


Predix Core The chain system pays attention to the practical application of the intelligent contract and the consensus mechanism, and will provide an open block chain technology experimental plot for the traditional Internet Enterprise ( Finance, IoT, etc. ) by the perfect consensus mechanism and the design of the security intelligent contract part. At the same time, focus on the development of the application, by attracting third-party developers to join and according to the user’s evaluation, give developers incentives, together for ordinary users to provide mobile end of the central application. On the platform, we will be through continuous block chain technology development and innovation, to attract third-party developers, industry users, ordinary users together to build the Predix Core chain platform and ecosystem. The Predix Core chain plays the role of the bottom service provider, providing the bottom platform solution for the block chain developers through a set of system service design innovations and technological innovations, representing the new generation block chain.


On the application side, the predix Core chain is an application scenario for the block chain Digital asset business ecosystem development, trans-chain communication and escrow transactions.


Predix Core CEO The indicates thatPredix Core is a new generation of digital resource communication platforms built using block chain technology, and our position is to create a common chain that is applicable to the global enterprise class. Using the Predix Core Cutting-edge security technology, to achieve easy and efficient product development and application of the landing, let block chain technology from the current concept phase, upgrade to the actual application of life, create social value. In the future,Predix Core will always adhere to the direction of better serving the economy and create more possibilities.