Pasadena Based Zen Garage Door Repair Began Selling OEM Rollers, Cables and Hinges


Zen Garage Door Repair, a garage door repair service provider in Pasadena, Texas, recently started selling rollers, cables and hinges for commercial and residential garage owners.

USA, 25th June

Zen Garage Door Repair, a Pasadena, Texas based garage door repair service provider, recently started selling OEM rollers, cables and hinges for garage owners in the region. The owners claimed that the OEM replacement parts for garage doors are available at discounted prices. They also claimed that their aim is to help the garage door owners with the right tools so that they can repair their garage doors without any help from garage door repair service providers in Pasadena.

“Every year, commercial and residential garage owners in Pasadena spend hundreds of dollars for repairing their garage doors, whereas they can save a lot of money by following simple DIY tricks. The replacement parts and components we now sell through our website are not only low-cost OEM parts, but the owners of the garages in Pasadena can also snag more savings by repairing their garage doors themselves”, said Dave Nelson, the co-owner and co-founder of Zen Garage Door Repair in Pasadena TX.

“Normally, people hardly hesitate before calling a garage door repair service provider, and they are often ready to shell out their dollars for top-notch garage door repair solutions. Although we are a garage door repair service provider, we feel every garage owner should have some hands-on knowledge of repairing garage doors. With an aim to facilitate garage owners in Pasadena to fix their garage doors issues, we are now offering OEM rollers, cables and hinges from top brands. We believe our customers who are a big fan of DIY garage door repair will find these replacement parts highly useful”, added Dave during a recent press conference.

At the brief press conference, Dave also informed that they are now offering different types of tailor-made service packages for their clients in Pasadena. He said that their tailor-made service packages are meant for garage owners, including both commercial and residential garage owners, in Pasadena, Texas only. “We want to make garage door repair a cost-effective process for all and sundry”, added Dave during the recent press conference.

About the Company

Zen Garage Door Repair is a trusted local business and a garage door repair service provider in Pasadena, Texas.

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