Panda Global Obtained Strategic Investment From Glade Brook Capital


 On July 13, The newly-emerged blockchain innovative company – Panda Global obtained a strategic investment from Glade Brook Capital, a famous investment institution in Britain. “This round of financing will be employed to further expanding the markets for Panda Global” said by Rex, co-founder and CEO of Panda Global. After this round of financing, the total estimated value of Panda Global’s angel-round investment reached as much as 15 million dollar.

Britain is one of the countries that are open to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the world, and the investment institutions in the country keep a close eye on the field. Glade Brook Capital Partners Limited is one of the institutions that are very keen to the blockchain technology, believing it will exert great influence to the world in the future. The fact that Glade Brook Capital increases the investment simply indicates that the world’s capital attaches great importance on the blockchain industry. Currently the blockchain development is mainly gathered in first-tier cities, and there are huge markets waiting us to explore, with trillions of value hiding behind.

Panda Global is a blockchain innovative company established in Seychelles in July 2019. It advocates the reform to traditional financial facilities by innovative technologies and aims to build a frictionless economic environment. In the future, it will prioritize its development in the third- or fourth-tier cities of the countries with blockchain-service being highly developed, as well as the countries where blockchain service is less developed. As to the strategic partnership with Glade Brook Capital, Rex said “The partnership is an approval to our efforts. To some extent, our goal is the same that both want to change the world with innovative technology. We are glad to be one of the participant and impeller in the reform.”

Rex continued “The world financial system goes digital, but the traditional financial services are lack of innovation.  The decentralized blockchain technology is unevenly distributed that, in addition to serve to the major countries and first-tier cities, it shall also offer service for the third- and fourth-tier cities with large population and huge demand. Blockchain technology will enable equally financial access to everyone, improve capital circulation efficiency and reduce circulation cost. Going forward, we will focus on expanding our market around the world and offer our considerable service to more users”.