Orient Walt was invited to attend the 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit in Singapore


On the 11th and 12th April, 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit was held in Singapore. Orient Walt (HTDF) was invited to participate and to present a roadshow. This is the second time that Orient Walt (HTDF) makes an international appearance. “New Era of Blockchain In Digital Finance” was the theme of the event, and the main organizers are the multi-nodal super incubator — The Blockchainer, Financial Technology Association of Singapore , Deep Chain Finance, the Shenzhen Tokenomic Association and the Sri Lankan Fin-Tech Association, they have jointly launched an in-depth exploration of “blockchain + finance”.


The conference has brought together more than 100 companies in the blockchain and finance industry from different countries and regions worldwide, including the famous NEO, JP Morgan Chase, Temasek, GIC and other high-quality blockchain projects and top companies from the corresponding industry. Business Director Shao Lin of Orient Walt (HTDF), Consultant of the Japanese Company Asia Investment Co., former US Chamber of Commerce Chairman — Dr. Tissa Jayaweera, Global Payment Product Strategy Vice President Karan Seth of JP Morgan Chase, Vice President of Polymath Heslin Kim and the president of Financial Technology Association of Singapore — Chia Hock Lai and many other star guests and KOLs made a debut at the event.


The summit was divided into three sections: “Blockchain Finance: Building the New Financial Ecology”, “the Future of Blockchain and Financial Infrastructure”,“the Management, Issuance and Trading of Digital Assets”. The discussion of safety and supervision was the top priority for blockchain industry to develop healthily and orderly. In response, Nizam Ismail, a former committee member of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, held a keynote speech with the title  “Regulators’ Countermeasures in Promoting Innovation”; Alexandre Kech, the CEO of Onchain Custodian, held a speech with main focus on the importance of the development of independent digital asset custody of the entire crypto-industry.


One of the highlights of the summit was from the Orient Walt (HTDF) public chain, they spoke of a “Smart Space” which they claim was the world’s first free and civilized digital eco-community based on blockchain infrastructure. As a promising star public chain project, Orient Walt (HTDF) fit well with the theme of the Section — “The Future of Blockchain and Financial Infrastructure”. The project adviser Rita Xia Havsholm gave a detailed introduction of Orient Walt (HTDF) to the audience in the speech with the title“The World’s First ‘Smart Space’ Digital Eco-Community”, which focused mainly on the progress, advantages, d’app ecology and future vision of the project.


Havsholm mentioned that Orient Walt (HTDF) is a global-oriented public chain system with a top-notch technical team of the industry. Together with the strength of their global partners, Orient Walt (HTDF) aims to create a programmable life and application platform for all community members, by building seven major application scenarios of mall system, entertainment and games, social payment, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, value sharing and social welfare,  through six technology based mechanisms to uphold the community governance: identity authentication mechanism, constraint mechanism, reward mechanism, decision-making mechanism, arbitration mechanism, and value-sharing mechanism.


In the speech she pointed out that Orient Walt (HTDF) has a strong background, and has many local well-known partners since they’ve been deeply involved in the Singaporean market for many years now.


Today, Orient Walt (HTDF) has deployed nodes in many countries around the world to efficiently transmit data through P2P networks. The “Smart Space” community has now over 100,000 registered users and is very active in China, Singapore, Southeast Asia. In order to improve and encourage the members to participate in the community activities, to maintain the community system, and to prosper the community ecology, Orient Walt (HTDF) will launch a series of incentive mechanisms such as giveaway candies, wallet mining and etc..


In June 2019, Orient Walt (HTDF) will officially get listed onto crypto-exchanges.


The Chain Plus summit set off round after round discussions on “blockchain + finance”. Facing the need-to-be-asked questions of the blockchain industry as “where is the next opportunity for blockchain finance? How will blockchain lead the transformation in financial services of consumer supply chain? Will blockchain change the structure of the payment market within ten years? The challenges, opportunities and solutions for the securitization of tokens “, in forms of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and roadshows, the summit provided a profound answer to the public.


This is merely the third stop in Orient Walt (HTDF)’s 100 global roadshows. In the future, there will be more and more countries and regions that are going to be bearing the brand of Orient Walt (HTDF). By the integration of technology and system innovation, the blockchain technology is being injected into the process of the human civilization. In order to make the freedom of information exchange and the civilization of data a reality, Orient Walt (HTDF) will keep on strive unremittingly and forge ahead.