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0, an online money transfer system that provides a prepaid transfer service platform aimed at delivering recharge solutions and solving money transfer problems for customers around the world, was officially launched last week. According to the developers, the online platform is a fast, convenient, and secure means of making online payments and transferring money to various parts of the world.

Whether users have a Chinese card or not, VPayFast will perform a direct e-wallet money transfer within minutes to various wallets such as WeChat, Alipay, PayPal. Webmoney, and Okpay among others. “VPayFast books and processes online money transfer immediately. The company also offers paying service delivery to assist customers in completing their payment request to most countries and payments on online shopping websites all over the world”, said an executive of VPayFast.

As an online money transfer company, makes use of cost-effective money transfer processes to enable them to offer their customers cheap money transfer services that are easy, fast, and secure. The company makes use of innovative recharge solutions that are tailored to meet and satisfy their customers’ money transfer needs, as well as provides solutions to their payment challenges. These recharge processes utilize a secure, easy, and internationally compliant payment platform.

“If someone is looking for a way to transfer money to WeChat wallet, they can use the China bank card to link the WeChat and Alipay Wallet”, added the executive.

Founded in 2017, is a global integrated service mall that has been deeply rooted in the Internet industry and has over one million users worldwide. “As a prepaid transfer service platform, takes on the responsibility to deliver recharge solutions and help solve various problems for customers around the world. This we do by adhering to the “integrity of norms, professional quality, harmonious and rational development, innovation and development” concept of culture to promote conscientious service providers”, stated the executive.

“We make use of cost-effective money transfer processes, enabling us to offer our customers cheap money transfer services that are easy, fast, and secure. At, we are innovative and understand the needs and challenges of our customers. We are a solution provider, meeting needs and addressing challenges experienced in the process of making online money transfer through our secure, simple, and internationally compliant payment platform”, the executive was quoted by several Chinese dailies.


VPayFast, an online money transfer system which has already 1 million users, was developed by professionals who have over 10 years of industry experience. The company also has a number of safety certifications to ensure a worry-free shopping experience and safe trading for every user. VPayFast VIP Center is always available to provide online customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help users solve all their recharge problems.

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