On what basis does super Ethernet run transactions?


Now almost everyone around you is talking about block chain, heat has the momentum to catch up with internet plus. In short, there are two core blocks of the chain, one is tamper-resistant and one is trust. That is to say, under the support of this technology, the transaction does not need to go through a third party, can be directly carried out by both parties.

Super Ethernet, speth. Based on block chain bottom technology. And the super Ethernet transaction is through. Script.The workload certification mechanism + equity certification mechanism guarantees the perfect operation of super Ethernet.

In traditional books of account, the data on account is only a record. In super – etheric books, this data has the meaning of going beyond books – they’re programmable. This is a qualitative change. Due to the programmable nature of the block chain, super Ethernet is not just a normal transaction, but an intelligent transaction that can be executed automatically based on a program.

The reason is not complicated, block chain and the internet is like, is reflected in the popular opportunities, artificial intelligence, although the impact may be greater, but the initial threshold is too high, more like a few people’s game. But as mentioned above, block chain is roughly equivalent to currency, if you have to broaden a bit, that can be roughly equivalent to issuing some kind of certificate, may update the related links, such as the new exchange, but other applications are likely to have less significance.

Super Ethernet uses point-to-point distributed systems through a block chain, with no central node. For example, a and b to conduct a transaction, a pay party b money, but this money is not paper money, nor electronic cash, but a digital signal of the whole network linkage, is a kind of digital cash. Compared with the traditional bill transaction, the bank does not need to provide authentication, block chain based technology of this ” network” is authoritative security, party a and party b at the time of the completion of the transaction has been verified on the whole network.

In the overview diagram shown in the figure, we can see that the super Ethernet system consists of the user ( the user controls the wallet through the key ), the transaction ( each transaction is broadcast to the entire super Ethernet network ) and the miner ( the contention calculation generates a block chain that is agreed upon at each node, which is a distributed public authority book that contains all transactions that occur on the super Ethernet network ). The system will view the interactions between parts from the perspective of the entire super Ethernet system by tracking a transaction transmitted over the network.

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