On April 10, 2020, BTQ APP cloud mining is being launched globally!


According to media reports in Geneva, Switzerland, the BTQ Lab’s three-year quantum encryption application ecological cloud platform APP will be released in March 2020. The internal test will be officially launched on April 10, 2020. At the same time, it first online launches GBEX International Exchange. The cloud platform APP is equipped with a cloud quantum LITE trial version and a PRO professional version device. It uses sliced quantum simulation technology and the Shor algorithm to generate block rewards. The APP has a built-in decentralized wallet and asset management in one, which can store mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TEDA, and it also includes BTQ’s three quantum ecological currencies BTQ, BTQC, and QCPU.

Decentralized quantum computing dual ecology

The BTQ laboratory splits the quantum computing research field into two application sections. One is the quantum industry incubation ecology. Its main research and development aims to realize quantum computing in all aspects, including six major sections: quantum chips, quantum computers, quantum clouds, quantum software, and quantum measurement and control, quantum applications. The second is the blockchain encryption application ecology, which mainly includes three major parts, namely, encrypted currency, encrypted social networking, and network security. The two sections are different and complement each other, bringing strong momentum to the development of sustainable quantum industry.

End the era of GPU mining

Relying on the top technical team in quantum computing industry composed of cutting-edge scientists and industry experts from various fields, it has successfully achieved 54Qbit qubits, developed a superconducting quantum chip QCPU, and successfully released superconducting quantum in March 2020. The cloud platform allows all blockchain enthusiasts to use the mobile ginseng quantum cloud sharding technology to mine at any time. It has caused a huge response in the industry and ended the era of traditional GPU mining.

Simple and convenient punch card mining

In promoting BTQ, it adopts the co-construction and autonomy in the community system, which truly restores the essence of blockchain decentralization. All participants are anonymous. Surprisingly, all blockchain enthusiasts can participate in BTQ quantum for free mining, users only need to install APP on their mobile phones, and use the check-in type to receive BTQ, they can receive the mining results. This new mining method is not only simple and convenient, but also increases the user’s high adhesion, which paves a golden road for the application and development of the quantum industry in the future.

Industry leaders gather new species and create star projects

From 2013 to 2019, BTQ Lab successively accepted US $ 1 billion of pre-investments from the US Veritable LP family fund, the UAE Royal Wealth Fund, Bitcoin Foundation, Litecoin Investment Fund, Ethereum Trust Fund, and Bitcoin Cash Foundation. Quantum computing mining is a new species. Maybe you have missed Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, but in 2020, you shall not miss the BTQ bit quantum. There are a large number of institutions with industry voices to participate in bit quantum, it should be a star project in 2020, and the BTQ ecology will be hot all over the world! ! !

BTQ laboratory background

The BTQ laboratory was established in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2007. According to different research fields, five quantum laboratories have been established in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, and Singapore. The members of the Bit Quantum team all come from cutting-edge scientists and industries in various fields. They come from the top technical teams in the quantum computing industry. BTQ Lab has achieved remarkable results in the field of quantum computing mining, it has successfully achieved 54Qbit qubits, and developed a superconducting quantum chip QCPU.

BTQ global communities in Asia, Europe and Australia will be launched simultaneously on April 10, 2020. With 200,000 community fans and six major exchanges, we will witness the history once again!

BTQ Bt-Quantum Global Community

April 6, 2020