NPC—Ecological cornerstone of Blockchain Financial Application Landing


The assumption of World Wide Web in 1989 or the birth of Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, History is always striking similar. Geek pioneers full of open-source spirit drove the wheel of the times.

Blockchain technique could upgrade information interconnection into value interconnection in internet. It will change all the property relations and productive relations gradually. Nowadays, global government, financial institutions and commercial agencies have recognized the best way to build DeFi business is Blockchain. The main reason why there is no large-scale application nowadays is the lack of super technique volunteers and community volunteers who are full of NPC spirit to co-build the ecology. And that’s what NPC community dedicates to solve.

NPC presents an initial outline of the technical, application and community structures that form the pillars of a distributed financial ecosystem which allows super volunteers from all over the world to leverage their skills to help develop a wide range of technological applications and communities with open tools and standards, instead of controlling the ecosystem with a centralized organization.

Recently, Eric, founding volunteer of the NPC Australian community, summarized several advantages of NPC, saying that NPC will be the ecological cornerstone for the implementation of blockchain financial applications.

Effective and high-efficiency community motivation

  From the technique and application sides, NPC only set standards from the top which give technique volunteers a structure design to make global developers could build the infrastructure and all types of DeFi DAPP with the specific direction. It is similar to the Libra structure. Member of Libra association is using their ecological token in their own closed-loop and only get through with other Libra ecology on top level. In the one hand, it maintain the consistency and expansibility of the whole ecology, on the other hand, it giver consideration to the vitality of community and application efficiency. 

Redefine DeFi

Now, there are three business modes for DeFi business which are P2P, capital pool and stable coin, and these are all have been landed in NPC. Meanwhile NPC offers Staking and mutual finance these two business structure guide. The whole community has strong consensus ecology, so DeFi business in NPC could land fast and realize mode upgrade.

1. Through STO system, it could make stock rights cannot be cashed out in venture companies become negotiable in secondary market.

2. Commodity asset cannot be circulated and haven’t issued bond will become anchoring asset or credit enhancement in NPC. Since NPC could make data dependable, and asset traceable.

 3. Stable coin in digital asset market or application token for asset issuer could combine NPC and its ecological DAPP to pledge, financing and exchange creditor’s right, stock rights, mutual assistance and dividends.

All of these above is the landing form of DeFi. Under the NPC DeFi business service system and digital currency system which has compliance and reliability, there will be more forms of DeFi business in community.

Break through all types of financial structure

Since NPC has its own financial feature, many super volunteers are the big financial institutions or the principal of technique community which covers leading companies in the industry .Under the resources integration of super volunteers, it drives more and more large-scale agencies into NPC ecology. Based on the ecological resources of NPC, it starts Blockchain transform on all aspects.

 1. Use NPC to build private chain and finish its own ecological underlying asset registration.

2. Based on the NPC basic chain to finish identity system, consensus algorithm system, smart contract system and token system establishment.

3. Reuse NPC super volunteer and autonomous committee’s community resources and horizontal develop business to client.

The infrastructure of financial autonomy

From the beginning of 2017, large scale of Blockchain applications has landed, till now we could notice that all these applications are Consortium Blockchain applications. In the one side, public chain hasn’t solved the problem of cost, data security, convenience. On the other side, these problems shouldn’t be solved on the public chain level.

When NPC has been established, it raise the concept of scalable dual layer chain which has the independent business chain and the basic chain to solve the interoperability between business chain. Basic chain supply network consensus algorithm, smart contract, and token issuing system. Business chain adopts consortium chain and private chain’s way to manage asset data and token. Thus, financial institutions could base NPC to build complete autonomous consortium chain and realize value, ecology development through the unify protocol on NPC basic chain.

Community evaluation system for high quality products

There will be more and more financial products on NPC to business and clients with varying qualities. In NPC, all products will enter into the unified community evaluation system based on product performance, security, stability, underlying asset quality and evaluations will on chain and become the traceable credit system for these products.

So in NPC, high quality financial products will develop rapidly and inferior products will be eliminated as well. NPC will keep the best competitiveness in quality and performance to offer the best product to community members. Tokenized products could circulate free in NPC DEX which supports order form, capital pool and Dutch auction three modes to truly realize the justice.

Flexible usage of Staking

NPC super node (super volunteer) regime is equivalent to the combination of Libra Circle of Friends mode, EOS super node mode and Staking mode. Similar to Libra, NPC’s volunteers are alliance between giants and they have strong consensus and doesn’t exist do evil node which could influence security and node which influence decentralization.

Under Staking mode, agencies offer technique and asset footstone for retail investor’s participation. So as in NPC, it is cross-authorization and cross credit extension protocol between super volunteers to help node operator who has no technique and capital could join in through financial leasing mode. When they develop with corresponding capital and community scale, they could later complete their technique.