New G5 hoverboard controller released from Taotao, smaller, faster and safer


Changzhou Taotao Intelligent Technology Limited was founded in 2014 and it’s principal activities include researching and development of motor intelligent control system. It’s head office is based in the Zhongke Innovation Centre, Changzhou with further offices in Wuxi and Shenzhen.

Taotao work on intelligent motor systems have achieved a number of patents for their work, the most noticeable being for the hoverboards. TaoTao have gone from strength to strength and have an automated approach to manufacturing allowing them to produce more than 50000 PCBA control boards per day.

TaoTao have launched a new product, the G5 hoverboard controller. This new controller is smaller in size with a brand new circuit design, which features a faster processor meaning that the response time is much faster.

module upgrade

smaller size

adapting a brand new circuit design,

taking up less space compared with G2,

therefore the hoverboard can be more ingenious.



higher performance

A new generation of intelligent processor provide faster operational speed,

greatly reduce the response time of the gesture control.

wider range

hoverboard mode

G5 master-control board along with left and right gesture vice board apply to hoverboard.

hoverboard module

note:red line – power cord ; green line – digital line ; 7 PCB board in total.

kart mode

kart module

note:red line – power cord ; green line – digital line ; 7 PCB board in total.

smarter component

left and right gesture vice board

excellent work,fully funcioned,

the source of riding fun

standardized pin interface, reliable link, easy to install and maintain

kart pinboard

it is able to seamless converting the G5 master board

other original accessories

only the original accessory is compatible,

we are more considerate for you

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