NEU global brand event starts in Singapore


On October 20th, NEU Fund ‘s first global brand event was grandly opened in Singapore, the fourth largest international financial center.

The conference gathered many elites and media in the Block-chain industry, focusing on Block-chain to discuss the future prospects of the NEU pan-tourism business ecology and the digital tourism industry, and officially announced the NEU’s entry into overseas markets and the global strategic node plan.

At the press conference June, Marketing Director of NEU FUND Greater China, praised Singapore’s economic strength and scenic spots, which deserves to be called the “Garden City”. At the same time, he announced the establishment of a NEU global strategic node in Singapore and signed it with Gavin, head of the node Strategic cooperation agreement.

June is full of confidence in NEU’s strategic layout and development in Singapore. He said that Singapore’s financial system and tourism industry seem to be tailored for the arrival of NEU, and there is a lot of room for play. There are more international tourist populations here, NEU has a larger use base, and through their radiation and driving effect, NEU can easily reach every corner of the world. Breaking through the restrictions of country, ethnicity, language, and geographic location, it will become a universal digital currency. As the ecosystem becomes more and more perfect, its value will be greatly enhanced, which will eventually be reflected in the price of NEU.

Gavin, head of the NEU Singapore node, said that Singapore’s tourism industry accounts for more than 3% of GDP, and it is also the third largest international financial center after New York and London, and one of Asia’s important financial, service and shipping centers. Tourism and finance are our innate advantages, but there are also many problems. NEU is like a dawn for us. In the face of nearly 30 million tourists every year, NEU can solve a series of problems such as food, clothing, housing and transportation in one stop. , The ecosystem based on NEU B lock-chain technology will reconstruct Singapore’s financial system.

After the conference, many NEU fans and official staff who attended the conference took a group photo at the conference site. NEU consensus participants from all over the world expressed their support and love for NEU in their language and methods.

NEU’s overseas market strategy is steadily advancing, and the Singapore stop of global brand activities has slowly come to an end. This is an end and also means the beginning of the next stop!

A thousand miles begins with a single step. In the future, NEU’s internationalization path will go further and further, benefiting billions of people through the global pan-tourism settlement program!