Netflix: The signs you might need a break from the site


A smartphone with the Orange is the New Black logo.

It’s 10pm on a Sunday evening, you’re still in your PJs and your dinner was some Doritos washed down with a can of orange Tango.

Why? Because you’ve spent the last eight hours bingeing your favourite show on Netflix.

The streaming service has become a big part of our lives and in extreme cases it’s even led to addiction.

A 26-year-old man in India has reportedly checked into rehab after binge-watching shows and films to shut out reality.

So what are the signs you might need to delete the red-and-black icon from your life?

You cancel going to those birthday drinks

Your mate’s celebration has been in the diary for ages and you’ve even bought a bottle of wine as a pressie.

But it gets to 6pm and you’ve found out through the power of Netflix there are Stranger Things lurking outside.

You fire up the group chat and send that excuse.

“Ah I’ve got a headache so I don’t think I’ll make it tonight.”

Solution: Remind yourself monsters aren’t real, get dressed and step out into the real world. You’ll still get there for last orders.

The ‘sorry’ message brings out sweats

You log in, ready to catch up on the latest episode of Suits and the dreaded error message occurs.

“Sorry, too many people are using your account right now.”

Yep, you, your cousin, your partner, your neighbour and your dog are all doing the same thing.

The questions start whirring in your head.

“Which family member can you kick off first?”, “Is this worth breaking-up over?” and “Who has the ultimate power to change the password?”

Solution: A spreadsheet of names setting out specific time slots for each family member. Or just pay for your own account.

You treat Netflix’s Twitter accounts like your mates

You’ve finally logged out of your Netflix account and start scrolling through your Twitter feed.

“Too funny,” you say as you check out some of the memes and sass on your timeline about your favourite shows.

You start retweeting and replying. But hang on… you’re chatting to Netflix.


With its endless witty tweets, it’s hard to escape the stream of show reminders from Netflix’s various accounts.

So instead, you start believing the streaming service knows you better than your bestie.

Solution: Log off, pick up your phone, dial a friend’s number and actually chat.

The break-up

Your heart hurts, you struggle to sleep and you wonder just how you’re gonna move on with your life.

No, your other half hasn’t just dumped you. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve watched the final episode of a Netflix drama.

The streaming service is known for giving you the chance to binge-watch an entire series.

But things always have to come to an end and the heartbreak is real.

But like with any break-up there’s the chance you’ll get back together in a year’s time (when the new season starts).

Or there’s always your next crush. Ten seasons of Friends, anyone?

Solution: Delete Netflix, download Tinder.