Now Offers Gothic Lolita Dresses to Fashionistas Who Embrace the Japanese Subculture


Lolita subculture originated in Japan in 1970s and the different brands in the West have started manufacturing women’s apparels for fashionable individuals who like to follow and embrace the Japanese subculture.

USA, 14th June, an online fashion store that sells tailor-made fashion apparels and accessories for fashionable women recently included the top Lolita brands that their creations to their product catalogue. The owners of the online store said that they are committed to meet the demands of fashionable women who like to build a strong cultural resistance and celebrate their fairytale femininity. The owners also added that the Lolita dresses that come with the trademark of the big brands are directly inspired from Gothic art and literature.

While speaking to the press about the Lolita dresses, the owners said that the champions of Lolita subculture easily stand out in any crowd or gathering for their unique dressing and fashion sense. They said that being a Lolita essentially means solidarity, but there’s a larger subculture behind these dresses.

At present, sells products from all the big brands including Infanta, Magic Tea Party, Miss Point, Chess Story, Classical Puppets, Hmhm, Neverland, Strawberry Witch and Surface Spell. The owners indicated that they will add more Lolita products and brands in the coming days to their online store, underlining their business objective of reaching out a very specific and niche group of customers. However, the online store also sells dresses, footwear and accessories that do not directly fall in the category of Lolita dresses.

“We know that the Japanese pop culture has become popular in the West too and there are many fashionable women here who like to celebrate their neuter innocence, which is the reason why they often look for Lolita dresses. In our e-store, our customers can now find a whole new variety of Lolita dresses, all of which are coming from the houses of some of biggest brands in this sector”, said a sales executive.

“We have also kept the prices of the Lolita dresses low so that people who follow this subculture here in the West can now try new dresses without shelling out top dollars. Also, we offer size guide for each of the Lolita dresses we sell”, he added.

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