Mundocoin–subversion of the traditional consumption industry model


Throughout the history of mankind, from the steam age to the electrical age to the internet era, three times the Industrial Revolution became three pairs of giants, and under their help human civilization developed at a rapid pace, precisely because of these revolutions, the hand of human destiny slowly pushed. Today the world is no less than the three revolutions of the Industrial Revolution-block chain technology revolution. The block chain is the underlying technology and infrastructure of Bitcoin and other buckets, its function and significance is much more far-reaching than Bitcoin, its essence is to center the accounting system, is a distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithms and other computer technology, new application mode.


From finance, secure communications to medical care, and the Internet of things, block-chain technology will have a huge impact on our future lives. The internet has completely changed the way of information transmission, then the block chain as the construction of trust machine, will be able to completely change the whole human social value transmission way. the current link with the block chain is relatively close to the field of finance (major banking institutions), digital assets, intelligent contract (ether), etc., the game field by the industry is considered to be one of the classification of digital assets, will be the birth of new scenarios and business opportunities.

As we all know, in the current centralized business service model, there are unavoidable security risks, information can not be transparent and other disadvantages, this is the current service industry needs to address the pain point. In this large background , the mundocoin came into being, and became a sharp weapon to solve the industry’s pain point.

mundocoin What exactly is?

Mundocoin The system pays attention to the practical application of the intelligent contract and the consensus mechanism, through the perfect consensus mechanism and the design of the security intelligent Contract part, it provides the traditional Internet enterprise with a compliant and open block chain technical experimental plot. In addition, theMundocoin system focuses on the development of a centralized application that, together with Third-party developers, provides a mobile-centric, end-to-end application for ordinary users, all of which are based on the Mundocoin system, Mundocoin will reward developers with a sound evaluation system.

On the mundocoin platform, we will develop and innovate through continuous block chain technology to attract third-party developers, industry users, and ordinary users to build the Mundocoin platform and ecosystem.

mundocoin Scenario-based network game ecosystem


Mundocoin by reducing the ability of consumers or developers to use multiple platforms, gaming companies limit the development of virtual world communities. The Mundocoin, driven by block-chain technology, will provide gamers and developers with what they really crave: Full control. Only in this way can users get the best gaming experience. the traditional platform for gaming may be replaced by this centralized block-chain platform, with more return to providing the service itself, rather than relying on monopolistic traffic to gain benefits.

mundocoin Application Scenario’s tourism ecosystem

Mundocoin tourism projects include customers, service providers and suppliers connected to the online integrated tour services platform, which covers the hotel booking, ticketing, scenic search and other business, support other online text travel platform and tourism service providers, to create a complete tourism industry chain to lay the foundation for the development of tourism. Using block chain technology, this platform constructs a central-oriented literature Brigade ecosystem service system, guarantees the fair and transparent platform, utilizes the asymmetric encryption technology of block chain, protects each participant’s personal information, and fundamentally solves the credit problem existing in the present tourism service platform.

mundocoin Network social and consumer applications for scenarios

Mundocoin The is a centralized point-to-point service trading platform, build up a highly accurate information, supply and demand of the main body equal no price or premium, guarantee the property security of both parties, in the application layer to provide both parties with the truth of the situation, the transaction both sides of the qualification background, supply and demand relationship is open and transparent, can not be black box packaging operation. The maximum degree of protection of revenue into transparent, record traceability, divided into timely, whether the platform or users, the data on these chains is not tamper with, and this data can be queried by everyone, so as to more effectively protect both sides of the interests.

mundocoin Application Scenario Education comprehensive platform


Mundocoin block chain technology can be used as distributed learning record and storage in the field of education, allowing any educational institution and learning organization to record learning behavior and learning results across systems and platforms, and to keep them permanently in the cloud server to form large data of individual letters of study, It is helpful to solve the problems such as the lack of credit system and the separation of schools from enterprises in education and employment. When employing units, they can obtain the students ‘ data of any learning evidence through lawful channels, and use it to accurately evaluate the match between the candidate and the post. In addition, large-letter data is an important basis for the quality evaluation and professional evaluation of personnel training in colleges and universities, which is helpful to realize the seamless connection between students ‘ skills and social demand, and effectively promote the efficient and accurate cooperation between schools and enterprises in talent training.

In short, as the global economy develops, the demand for countries in the consumer sector is being replaced by more and more central internet companies, with the Mundocoin Block chain Technology Development, the future of the ecological application will be more extensive, and the current cooperative network consumption has included a number of industries, believe that in the next time, there will be more industry to invest in the mundocoin torrent, To allow more consumer industries to be applied, this has been the Beginner’s mind of the Mundocoin.