Money Monster Creator Chen Jia Forecasts Robust Growth of Blockchain Industry during Interview Held in China


Blockchain is sweeping through the world. What are the people in this field doing?

At the beginning of August, the founder of Money Monster Chen Jia was interviewed by the global media. Chen Jia has worked in this area for many years as a CEO of a financial investment company, chairman of the board of directors in a high-tech company. He also has worked as an chairman of the four silvers asset. During the interview, Chen Jia indicated that the blockchain domain is a new and interesting area. Currently, he has invested in seven or eight block-chain projects personally, such as blockchain Technology in Europe, America and Japan, Bitcoin Entity Field, International Digital Assets Exchange and so on, and Money Monsters is one of his ventures.


Chen Jia


Strive together to forge ahead

Before the press conference held in china, Chen Jia invited his well-wishers from all walks of life to discuss the idea, development and goal of creating MMON or Money Monsters creation team on April 7 this year. After they agreed on the terms and goals of formulating the MMON team, a 30-person MMON creation team was formed to “create penetrating scene applications and a new ecology of digital assets Investment”. Chen Jia said, “It’s the right moment to inscribe it on my memory, express it in words and put it into the action. It’s critical to make the Blockchain a transformational force for changing the internet world and even economic activity, not just a way to invest in the future.”

During this time, the initiative meeting named “5.18 Global Blockchain Day” was planned and Asian Boao forum on blockchain was organized by the MMON team. The creation team has been on the hero list of  Gold Knows The Answers honorably.They hope it will foster the development of global blockchain industry.


The essence of the Blockchain is the talent who know internet technology

During the interview, Chen Jia stated that he is not a technical talent but he loves and cares for these people so much like the general manager Xu. Currently, the team consists of 100 skilled personnel. Among them, R&D and operation personnel account for 70%. Besides, there are also some customer service and marketing executives who established Yaoyuan Renhe Technology Co, Ltd. They are responsible for the technology of 2 block game and customer service. He’s been mobilizing technicians to develop his own M Wallet. Except for this, the MMON team also invested in big data’s competition named We Team and became a shareholder of Magic technology co. Ltd. It intends to grab the technical talent and market of the blockchain and full fill people’s dreams and aspirations.


There are huge business opportunities and market in M Wallet

Chen Jia mentioned that M Wallet is a more portable digital multi-purpose private purse. It’s also a safe and private “wealth center.” It has functions such as distributed application entry, currency with multiple links, centralizing the coin transaction, market information hand in hand. And unlike the other wallets, “M wallet will be equipped with a trading master at the beginning. This is a more distinctive function.” Chen Jia said. The entrepreneur will go to the United States soon to get some qualifications in the United States and develop more wallet features, such as asset management and other channels.



The Chinese financial Blockchain of “Longdong Plan”

Chen Jia believes that the “Chinese Blockchain Finance” industry is poised for further growth. He explained that there is no one borrowing money from you with money in the hand. But something like this will happen in the blockchain. “A lot of people buy digital assets to hold them not to sell them. I bought ETH for $40, 5000 dollars in exchange of bitcoin. After a few years, I still like to hold them. I believe there are a lot of people like me in the currency circle. But how to change it into money, it reminds me of the years of pawning, leasing and mortgage lending. What if digital assets were combined with mortgages? That is the “Long Dong plan” that we’re going to explore. That’s the Chinese “idea of blockchain finance”. I believe in the fourth quarter, blockchain industry will be hit by the plan again”, he told during the interview.



MMON is not a tool for speculators

When reporters asked Chen Jia why he was so calm during the interview, he said, “The original intention of MMON is a game certification and it’s not a tool for speculators. The reason why we have a trading platform is for those people who do not understand the people who are not interested in it. So we certainly don’t care about the ups and downs of the trading market. When the user discovers that we design the game with irrevocable fairness and valuable playability. As the revenue increases, there will be more and more players. What we need is loyal fans and investors. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly. A lot of things are invisible forces pushing us to do it. If we do it seriously, all of the things will be successful”, he said.


Lei Jun said, “Even pigs can fly if the wind is strong enough”. But how many people can take advantage of this blockchain development? How can it achieve without decision, strategy, courage, and acting in just a few months? Including technical team of 100 people among the blockchain, the big scale that across Japan, the United States, Europe and China. Besides, several blockchain products hit the ground and exchanges are online. And more perfect bolder and perfect dreams are born.



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