MeshBox MESH Token Listed On HitBTC


The MeshBox MESH Token has now been listed on marking the beginning of a new era for Singapore based MeshBox Foundation Pte. Ltd. (MeshBox.Network), the company that is designing the MeshBox hardware device.  The MeshBox is a hardware box that supports SmartMesh Mesh networks which are ad hoc P2P networks where each node is a smart device.  These networks don’t require internet or telecom and so can exist in any geographic location where users become nodes.


The game-changing MeshBox brings added routing and signal support to these mesh networks and also allows MeshBox owners to run a business by earning rewards in MESH and SMT Tokens for allowing users to access data storage, upload and download content, and stream content directly from a MeshBox.  Two versions will roll out, one designed for indoor use, and another, with a broadcasting range going out to 10km and operating on solar power, for outdoor usage.


In a world where those with internet access are at the mercy of mega-corporations which determine the format for their communication and collect and sell their data, and those without access live in isolation from all the benefits of digital society, the MeshBox will help to establish internet ecosystems that avoid domination by goliath companies yet are agile, scalable and deployable in any locale and social conditions regardless of existing infrastructure.  The decentralized approach which leverages blockchain technology in a dexterous mode called Mobile Raiden which effectively takes the security of blockchain offline and into the mobile mesh, affords users the ability to communicate, make data transfers, and make secure digital payments, all within the safety of the local mesh network.


The MeshBox can serve as a gateway to the internet too, giving the local mesh access if needed and wanted.  MESH tokens can be mined by MeshBox owners in multiple ways and are ERC-20 fungibles that will be tradeable P2P or on exchanges like HitBTC.  MeshBoxes will serve as the primary functioning nodes in mesh network ecosystems that run parallel to the internet fostering digital communities and economies from the ground up worldwide.  You can find out more information about MeshBox and the MESH Token by watching this video or at MeshBox.Network.