MBSK:A visionary forerunner drawing a picture of blockchain


Today, technologies like big data, AI, and blockchain are already widely used in the financial industry. In particular, blockchain has become the most popular one.

Blockchain is drawing a picture: A decentralized ledger, an open and transparent nature of assets, and a network operation protocol that cannot be cheated. These advantages can just solve the pain points of the entertainment game industry. What will happen when the blockchain is combined with the entertainment and gaming industry?

MBSK has top talents in the world of blockchain, games, computers, digital assets and other fields. Linking multiple resources, it has high-end innovative project operation methods and capital investment ideas. At present, the application of blockchain in the entertainment game industry is still relatively lacking, far less common than the financial industry. MBSK integrates blockchain technology and will build a pan-entertainment ecosystem that integrates creation, promotion, consumption, payment, copyright, and resource management into a free, transparent, and decentralized system. It will upgrade and reform the entire industry from online to offline.

Blockchain is essential for the future world, just as the Internet is for the current world, it is the foundation and driving force of social development, and it is the pulse of the times!

As a visionary forerunner, based on blockchain technology, MBSK aims to build a new blockchain game industry alliance application ecology, so as to truly achieve a three-dimensional win-win between “developers, platforms, players”, for the world of users provide a pan-entertainment game management platform. Every person on the MBSK dynamic platform has the attributes of value investment and personal value-added space. Offline, MBSK will be combined with related scenarios such as training, event competitions, and art economy. Through the integration of MBSK’s resources, the talent resource library of the entertainment and gaming industry is built, so that the industry can get rapid and sustainable development, and it is not restricted by the middle and various regulations.

With the continuous upgrade of blockchain technology, blockchain will profoundly change the face and operating mechanism of this world, bring more mutual trust, freedom, order and justice to people, and make people’s life and work more reliable, safe and convenient. In the future, MBSK will provide powerful product functions, continuous improvement and development, return the entire game ecosystem to fair competition in innovation, experience, technology and value, and provide community users with more diverse and rich game applications.

In 2020, MBSK will use the blockchain to bring the entertainment and gaming industry back to life! Nobody but the wise one can reach the opportunities. Join MBSK, let’s set sail in the vast blue ocean of wealth and win the future together!