Marketsharks Started Offering Facebook-based Free Tutorials and Free Webinar for Forex Trading Greenhorns


Marketsharks, a knowledge portal for starters in the world of Forex trading, is now offering Facebook-based free tutorials as well as webinars for people who want to excel n Forex trading.

USA, 6th March

Damon Aleczander, who is an investment advisor and the founder of Marketsharks, a knowledge portal for Forex traders, recently announced that he will be hosting free webinars and also share his tutorials on Facebook and Twitter so that Forex trading starters can take correct investment decisions. The founder of Marketsharks recently announced at a press conference that he offers daily tips and guidelines on Forex trading to his social media followers. However, if someone is interested in investment insights, they can always attend his webinar, which will start on August 09 this year.

“There are investment gurus who share the trading tricks that worked for them once or twice, and it’s not necessarily true that the same tricks would benefit all and sundry. While I am not really a critic of everyone sharing their FX trading tips through their website and social media, I for one do not believe in those one-time tricks that might not work for each and everybody”, said Damon.

“The internet is teeming with investment tricks, how-to videos, pie charts and whatnot. People who look for FX trading tips online do have an impression that making money online is easy. But to make money through Forex trading, one has to understand first that there is a gap in the market. People need to have their own effective strategies to trade in the FX market, which is highly volatile in nature”, he added.

The savvy investor and investment advisor doesn’t only speak from his experience, but has also prepared his own investment plan to make it possible for everyone to turn their PC and phone into a money-maker. The investment trainer also shares daily tips on his Instagram account every day.

“I believe everyone is an FX trading rockstar, or a potentially one. It’s just that investors should understand a few basic things and learn a few tricks of the trade before they get started. This is because a single wrong investment decision can ruin an investor’s financial condition”, Damon warned during a press conference.

About the Company

Marketsharks is an investment knowledge portfolio run by Damen Aleczander.

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