Marine cuts would ‘undermine UK security’


Royal Marines during an exercise near Lee on Solent.


Reports say the government is considering cutting up to 2,000 marines

Cutting the number of Royal Marines and the ships they use to carry out beach landings would significantly undermine UK security, MPs have warned.

There is speculation the government is considering axing up to 2,000 marines and the Royal Navy’s two specialist landing ships in a security review.

But a Commons Defence Select Committee report said such cuts would be “militarily illiterate”.

A MoD spokesman said “protecting the UK will always be our priority”.

The Tory-led committee’s strongly worded report – called Sunset for the Royal Marines? – warns the rumoured cuts would weaken one of Britain’s elite fighting forces.

“Given the disproportionate contribution the Royal Marines make to defence and the sheer range and versatility of their military skills, both they and the country’s security would be significantly undermined,” they said.

They also said slashing its two amphibious assault ships HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark – used to carry out beach landings – would “put the interests of this country at serious risk”.

Ministry of Defence


HMS Bulwark was involved in migrant rescue missions in the central Mediterranean

Defence Select Committee chair Julian Lewis said if the ships were lost “the heart would be torn out of our amphibious capability”.

The Tory MP told the BBC: “The MoD will have to beat [the money] out of the Treasury.

“The Treasury has got to cough up.”

Cuts have caused ’embarrassment’

Mr Lewis added that recent years had seen “new and intensified threats” and the UK should not be “deleting one of our world-beating capabilities”.

The MPs’ report also said cuts to the Royal Marines since 2011 had already led to “a tangible drop in morale” and “particular embarrassment” during exercises with the UK’s allies.

In response to the report, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “Protecting the UK will always be our priority and the Royal Marines play a vital role in defending our country.

“Just last week we launched the Modernising Defence Programme to strengthen our Armed Forces in the face of intensifying threats.

“Our brand new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is central to our efforts to build an Armed Forces fit for the future and is a symbol of our intent to remain a truly Global Britain.”