Lotus: The World’s Leading Decentralized Digital Asset Trading Platform


 The birth of bitcoin opened the door to the era of blockchain and encrypted digital assets  in 2008. However, there was no concept of exchange in the original bitcoin white paper. With the increase of market trading volume, the exchange came into being for the convenience of trade matching.With the central power of the traditional centralized exchange, there is the possibility of “do evil”, which is also true in fact. In the promotion of interests, the centralized exchange frequently bursts out various problems, especially in the aspects of issuing currency, controlling trading rules, and even controlling investors’s assets, It plays the role of “centralization”. The head exchange has actually become the rule leader and fund controller of the whole blockchain industry.

Lotus decentralized digital asset exchange is the world’s leading decentralized digital asset trading platform.Knowing the pain, shouldering the sense of mission and responsibility, relying on the experience of senior trading platform and forward-looking situation judgment, we cut into the exchange field with decentralization as the core, and combined with distributed storage technology, realized the user asset custody, matchmaking trading and asset clearing on the blockchain, and all trading instructions were implemented by open-source smart contracts without trading. The platform participates in supervision and perfectly solves the inherent drawbacks of traditional centralized exchanges, such as “capital manipulation, data fraud, security loopholes, excess operating costs, and transaction restrictions”. It will dominate the digital asset trading mode, create a global interactive three-dimensional trading service market, and plug in the wings for the prosperity of the global blockchain trading service market.

Lotus exchange is established by the Coin Union Limited Foundation (company number 12528254) of the UK.The company has obtained strategic investment from the Asian blockchain Foundation (ABF) and the support of the world’s top 100 communities. It is headquartered in the UK and has set up operation centers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United States, China and other regions. The system development team consists of development engineers with Microsoft experience and technologies who have worked in the network security department of JP Morgan group. It is composed of experts and has high security. It adopts multi-layer and multi-cluster system structure, encrypted and tamper proof blockchain technology to effectively resist network hacker attacks. With high-performance matchmaking engine technology, high-frequency transaction quantitative strategy and distributed storage technology, it builds a decentralized digital asset trading platform that can carry tens of millions of users at the same time and promote global virtual transactions to create a truly convenient, safe, flexible, efficient, open and transparent digital trading platform with a strong consensus foundation.

It is the first time to create decentralized financial investment application scenarios, lay out full scene financial formats, break down barriers between finance and blockchain, realize asset digitization, liquidity and value, and form a capital trading ecosystem on the LTS chain through the centralized market in the past, extend more application scenarios of blockchain, and rely on scientific and reasonable digital asset investment and trading service product system to serve the world. Billions of people provide safe and sound financial infrastructure services.

In the future, Lotus exchange will integrate 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies to make the Lotus trading platform more functional and scalable, and create a leading technology effect. The platform will take the LTS platform currency as the medium, while retaining the basic functions of the traditional trading platform, such as currency trading, C2C trading, contractual leverage, and coin mining, Join the digital asset investment products, digital asset investment services, innovative ecological services and other landing applications and community economic system to jointly form Lotus digital asset diversified trading investment management ecology, break the boundaries of traditional digital asset investment and trading platform, and provide new digital economic experience for global users.