Lotus Creation And Convergence Of Five Latitudes: The Global Shock Start Of Lotus Exchange


“Lotus”symbolizes the lofty quality of” out of the mud but not dye, wash the clean ripple but not the demon “. The reason why the Lotus comes out of the mud but does not dye is not because its surface is very smooth and the dirt is difficult to stay, but because the Lotus effect is also known as self-cleaning effect, because the epidermal cells of Lotus leaf secrete nano-sized wax crystal particles,and drops of water rolled down from the lotus leaves,the dust particles adsorbed on it can be removed, thus maintaining the pure nature of Lotus.

The growth environment of Lotus can not do without silt, because it provides a very rich humus for the growth of Lotus. However, on the Lotus leaves, not only the mud and dust are not sticky, but also the water drops are difficult to stay on for a while. It seems that you can clean the leaves clean. This is the powerful Lotus effect and the original intention of Lotus to decentralize the digital asset exchange. Just like the development history of blockchain, the decentralized exchange has only after continuous innovation and user screening, we can stand out in the industry pool and truly become killer applications.
Lotus exchange adheres to the original intention of mud but not dye, clean water but not demon. Taking the spirit of Lotus as the starting point, it actively preaches to decentralize the exchange field, and suddenly realizes the true meaning of Lotus exchange from the growth process of Lotus.The growth process of Lotus can be divided into five periods: germination period, seedling stage, leaf stage, flower and fruit stage and withering period, which respectively represent the five core technologies of Lotus exchange, and form a real killer application together. It is also the core value of Lotus exchange: “Lotus creation, five latitude convergence”.
Germination stage:
Thick accumulation, multiple system security protection technology, ensure safe and stable development.
XL defense system, professional security team, mature security system, rich protection experience, provides multi-level three-dimensional protection; advanced defense Algorithm + HTTPS encryption mechanism + massive DDoS the clean mechanism can effectively resist DDoS attacks; the original triple system protection system and the seven fold smart contract audit; the physical defense and the separation of hot wallet, cold wallet and user wallet form a solid and secure Lotus technology bottom layer to ensure the safe and stable development of Lotus exchange.
Seedling stage:
Taking root in the layout, 210 Genesis nodes and 178 countries are excavated at the same time, creating the strongest 50 times computing power of the whole network.
The first 21 million LTS will be used for innovation, and 210 Genesis nodes will be recruited from around the world, which will be excavated in 178 countries at the same time. Lotus exchange will take root in the global market. It adopts Ethereum radar technology, a more perfect distribution mechanism than other major institutions, and deflation model to achieve strong hematopoiesis, creating the strongest 50 times of computing power in the whole network.
Leaf setting stage:
Rapid fission, “Consensus Link + Value Transfer” community economic system, activate the interests of all user levels.
The community economic system of “Consensus Link + Value Transfer” is the core of rapid fission. Consensus Link can activate the interest relationship among various user levels and form a more value sticky promotion system, so that each role in the Lotus exchange ecology can maximize its own interests and maximize its community value to form a joint force to promote Lotus the overall progress of the exchange will eventually realize the growth of Lotus decentralized digital asset exchange.
Flowering and Fruiting stage:
Fully bloom, comprehensively deepen the application of contract insurance, investment and financial management, and establish a global ecology.
Lotus exchange will gradually break the barriers between finance and blockchain, realize the digitization, circulation and value of assets, and form an ecosystem of capital trading on the chain of LTS through the centralized market. Combined with the original insurance contract mechanism, cross platform hedging can make users profits more stable.Contract transactions must consume Lotus coins, eliminate bubbles and stabilize the price of coins, so that the landing application of LTS will bloom in full.
Withering period:
Precipitation value, multi-channel real-time public destruction mechanism, unlimited value space.
Lotus exchange will take 50% of the commission income of the exchange every month and send it into the public black hole wallet address of the whole network for destruction, and introduce investment, payment, contract settlement and other destruction channels until the total amount of destruction reaches 99% (2.079 billion) of the total circulation. Lotus exchange firmly believes that a reasonable and feasible destruction mechanism is like the withering of Lotus like, not because of reduction and price reduction, but to precipitate value, once again better outbreak.