Layout for Future, TMex’s Revolutionary and Innovative Trade Ecology


With the rapid development and popularity of digital currency headed by Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology shows an explosive growth, therefore it is regarded as the fourth technology revolution after steam engine, power and internet.

The conception of blockchain is great, including decentralized account books, the nature of open, transparent and verifiable assets, network operation protocols which cannot cheat, so it theoretically solves the issue of trust between people. There are more and more people who realize the great value of the blockchain in the future, then seizing the tendency means to win in the future.

TMex is an ecology of blockchain value, which has a subversive significance for the traditional exchange industry. TMex teams explore very promising and profitable trading mode of digital currency after a long-term deep study of blockchain and digital currency field, and build a first global investment and consultation trading network of digital currency.

The TMex global digital asset exchange links to high-end resource of many countries and regions; The founded professional technology team has the most globally competitive integrated R&D capacity, gathers top talents of various technic fields, with experienced industrial projects. It has a competitiveness leading the industry, a vast number of users and promising market environment.

TMex will realize the cross-account transfer of assets via modularization, parallel chains, smart contracts and other operation mechanism to provide an infrastructure for the application of digital assets in digital currency. It will give a full paly to the function of carrying and transmission value of the blockchain and to the idea of equality and open in the blockchain in the development of trading ecology. TMex has obtained the US MSB license, which is a diversified front-line platform approved by authorities and approved by investors. It has leading industry competitiveness, a huge number of users and a promising market environment.

The internet realizes the circulation and sharing of part information of human society on the Internet, and blockchain will make the circulation and sharing of all information, including all digital assets and actual assets, of the human society on the Internet come true. Therefore, TMex explores the value and revolution of the blockchain, and explores the realization route that is feasible for the value transmission of the ” digital transaction+ blockchain” in a very simple form.

TMex will realize the authentic right of identity to invest in the digital assets to create a new channel for the certification and traceability of asset investment industry, at the same time, it will help the asset investment industry build a value that will be wildly accepted in the market. Besides, the TMex trade platform will realize the real-time transaction settlement and create a verifiable source that is tamper resistant to ensure the security, correction and integrity of information of trade platforms and payment agencies and other parties, so that trades become more transparent.

The scientific and technological innovation drives the revolution of the human economy and society, and the coming of blockchain technology gets the civilization more evolution. TMex positively makes a layout for the future and attempts to change former business and management modes by this new ” combined innovation” technology while facing with the chances and challenge from the blockchain technology.