Lai Meifang: Live a Fragrant Life


An interview with Lai Meifang


There is a woman. She is gentle as water, beautiful as lotus flowers. She always dresses appropriately, has a short hair and skin as white as snow. She is a natural beauty in no need of make-up. Also she is ambitious. She exemplified that women can be as good as men with her experience. She is Lai Meifang, the president of Ganzhou Mejiasu Beauty co., ltd.


From 1995 to 2001, she was a teacher. Following her heart, she resigned  in 2001, which caused quite a stir. Lai Meifang went to Shanghai, Shenzhen and entered beauty industry. Gradually, she realized that skin care products could improve her skin quality, which brought her lots of joy. One idea began to sprout in her mind — if she could make the skin of the people around her better, would they be able to feel the joy too? In 2008, Lai meifang started her own beauty business.

She opened her first beauty salon Younger in 2009. After nearly two years, Lai meifang’s beauty career gradually improved. In April 2011, the name changed to Suyanmei. Since then, her beauty business grew steadily. Starting in 2012, the second chain and the third chain opened. By 2014, the chain had grown to 19. In 2015, with the further expansion of the enterprise, Suyanmei combined with Guangdong satellite TV and Beijing Zhongsouwanglu Internet technology co., ltd., which turned out to be a successful transition. In the same year, Ganzhou Mejiasu Beauty co., ltd. was registered to apply for the Mejiasu trademark, extending the chain to 35 stores. The expansion of the chain store revealed Lai Meifang’s successful management and the great efforts behind it.


Based on her love for beauty industry and her responsible attitude towards customers, she often thought about how to make cosmetics safe, simple, affordable and effective. Once by chance, Chinese traditional medicine cured her and her family, she suddenly enlightened: early cosmetics come from animals and plants by simple ways, which were natural and effective. Why not transfer the concept of traditional Chinese medicine to modern skin care products?

Lai Meifang’s beauty business succeeded to inherit and promote traditional Chinese medicine culture. In August 2016, Mejiasu became the brand in the top list of 76 countries. In September of the same year, it won the honorary title of “The national quality of the credibility brand”.



In May 2017, the brand successfully entered the CCTV network and became the preferred brand of CCTV network mall. In July of the same year, Mejiasu received the honorary certificate of “China quality service reputation AAAA enterprise”. In November, its product “Mejiasu full effect traditional Chinese medicine mask” was broadcast on CCTV 7 sets and 9 sets. Meanwhile, Mejiasu was also broadcast in the show called “Glamour Brands” in CCTV no.1 studio. On January 19, 2018, Mejiasu joined the vice-president unit of the Beijing Private Economic Development Association(BPEDA) to further expand its influence, and made the brand of Mejiasu a household name.

On March 7, 2018, Mejiasu with DPEDA investigated into the New Zealand, with its ethnic characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine beauty products to seek new breakthroughs. Through constantly efforts, Mejiasu has 15000 users. Its chain extends to 152. Franchisees are more than 400 from 16 provinces all over the country.



As China’s world economy continues to boom, she believes that beauty and skin care is a rising industry. Her Chinese medicine beauty products have gone before many peers..

She thinks that a person’s skin will be cyclical changes with the seasons. Only when mastering these changes and professional knowledge of skin care can she properly solves the problem of the skin.

For the sustainable development of the enterprise, she leads her team and advocates the happy culture, adhering to the concept of “dedication, mutual assistance, mutual love and gratitude”. She plans to make Mejiasu a domestic well-known brand chain-like alliance platform over the next three to five years. At the same time, she will take the opportunity of One Belt And One Road to promote the brand overseas, so that the traditional Chinese medicine culture will blossom and bear fruits abroad, benefiting all mankind. In conclusion, traditional Chinese medicine creates beauty and inherits culture, and national brand benefits the world.