Kunming Tourism in China Shows an “International Trend” and Moves forward to International Tourism Market

Now Kunming is in its full swing to build a worldwide famous tourism city, international tourist collection and distribution center and destination. And use the famous travelers on overseas social media to  showthe fascinating scenery and beautiful environment for all-region tourism in Kunming.

Kunming China boasts natural and human landscapes, it has annual temperature 16.5℃, agreeable climate and flowers full of blossom throughout the year, and Kunming was ranked in the 3rd place among 2017 top 60 spring cities in the world.

Now Kunming is in its full swing to build a worldwide famous tourism city, international tourist collection and distribution center and destination. With “international, upscale, feature and informationized” requirements, carry out tourism industry transition and upgrading deployment.

“Look for Worldwide Travelers to Kunming” Overseas Travelers’ Trip in Kunming is the highlight of Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commissiom in Kunming tourism international marketing. The whole team is comprised of famous travelers on overseas social media and a professional photography team. The in-depth、 experience、quality traveling and photography work presents the fascinating and beautiful environment for all-region tourism in Kunming.

This activity lasted for three months from preparation to promotion. 8 travelers walked in Kunming for seven days, setting foot on about 138 tourist attractions in 11 scenic spots, and took about 20,000 steps every day, over 70km long in total. Boom from the Philippines, Yuiki from Malaysia, Chinese America TJLEE, Barbara from Germany, Derek and Kodak from the U.S., Poda and Ksyusha from Ukraine are from different countries, and they have been to many places in the world, but also surprised in Kunming.

When they came to the Green Lake, winter warm and seagulls dancing; Yunnan Military Academy, which was a famous modern military academy in order to defend frontier defense, is standing in the golden sunshine; the golden gingko street of Yunnan University shows Kunming is so warm in winter too.

Stone Forest, which gets the fame as “number one wonder in the world”, is a huge natural stone art treasure; Jiuxiang karst caves known as a world wonder, and spectacular karst landforms, attracting attention of overseas travelers and photographers; The Golden Temple is the largest and most intact copper palace in China, and overseas travelers and photographers appreciated and experienced Yunnan opera; they ate roasted whole lamb in Jiaozi Snow Mountain, and appreciated towering cliffs, the clouds sea、 blue sky and alpine meadows.

The Grand View Park, which keeps the “longest couplets in the world” and shows over 300 years’ gardening development history of Kunming vividly; Yunnan Nationalities Village displays folklores and customs of 26 nationalities in Yunnan, and overseas travelers and photographers had songs and dances there; in order to present beautiful Kunming in a better way, Kunming Dianchi Fengxiang General Aviation Service Co., Ltd. arranged the helicopter tour for them to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Dianchi Lake.

Kunming boasts plentiful geothermal resources, and the water temperature is 38-42 ℃. It is very good for physical health to have hot spring bath in winter. This time we chose Colorful Yunnan ·Famous City of Ancient Dian State and Brilliant Resort & SPA Kunming. Colorful Yunnan ·Famous City of Ancient Dian State is located in Jinning, which is the cradle for Yunnan culture. Now it not only displays and restores the brilliant civilization of Ancient Dian State, but also has Yunnan mineral geothermal hot spring from 2,500 m deep underground, including 57 hot springs, 73 hot spring holes and 36 rooms for hot spring bathing; Brilliant Resort & SPA Kunming is located by the beautiful Yangzong Lake, and there are gardening hot spring in the open air, SPA, Yoga Studio, etc., so it is great for vacationers.

Hotels chosen for this activity are all the most representative boutique hotels with unique historic meaning and humanistic feelings. Kunming Silver Chest Hotel is located in Zhengyi Road. It is a quiet place in the bustling downtown, and every room here is named after the famous unincorporated bank in Yunnan history; Kunming Redolence Garden Boutique Hotel near Yunnan Nationalizes Village shows the architectural style of “the Old Town of Xizhou” in Dali; Yunnan Mengjing Wangyue Boutique Hotel is located between eastern and western towers and in opposite to Jinri Building, it inherits the elegant style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty; Sofitel Kunming displays the upscale taste, international standard facilities and services of French five-star international chain hotels to overseas travelers and photographers.

Yunnan food blends the spicy features of Sichuan cuisine and local features, and forms Yunnan cuisine which gathers food features of ethnic groups in Yunnan. In this activity, Kunming local specialties are presented to international tourists, and feature snacks are also recommended. In Huixiang Xilou, Yunnan Rice Noodles and Crisp Stuffed Bun are representative food of old Kunming; Fresh Hot Pot provides fresh beef every day with dedication and originality. QBX inherits traditional hand-made tofu skills, and maintains the original taste of food to the maximum extent. Flower 17 is a romantic flower theme hot pot restaurant, and it has fresh flowers as ornaments; In Yunnan provides dishes of ethnic groups, and every dish tells an old story about an ethnic group.

Food is the realest emotional bond of a city. Kunming food cultural features are effectively displayed to international tourists. Meanwhile, Spring City Kunming is also a capital of humanistic feelings. Tourists can listen to allegro in Nanqiang Street with cultural and historic feelings; experience the Chinese culture essence in Qianxun Mowen Zen Hotel; and have Kunming style cocktail in Dream Bar while enjoying night view of Kunming City.

During Looking for Worldwide Travelers’ in Kunming/Overseas Traveling Photography Activity, travelers and photographers record the beautiful scenes, blue sky, warm sunshine, classic tour routes, quality scenes, feature guesthouses, boutique hotels, and Yunnan cuisines with cameras; meanwhile, in the perspective of international tourists, convey “Stunning Kunming- Spring City & Flower City” to the world, and display the “international style” of Kunming as a world tourist destination. Based on communication in overseas media, gradually build up the brand image and influence of Kunming in international tourism market.


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