Karzen International formally enters the block chain to create a new pattern of capital investment


As a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution sweeping the world, block chain technology is regarded as the most promising and imaginative technological innovation in the world.Governments are open to such technological innovations

With the rapid popularization of block chain technology, the application of block chain will extend to the entire financial circle.

Karzen CTO Gisela Edendahl attended the 2018 New York consensus and the 2018 European block chain technology conference successively, and gathered together with industry personages from all over the world to share the application and development of block chain technology.

At the New York consensus 2018, Gisela Edendahl listens to a heated discussion among emerging technology experts and traditional financial institutions around the world about the future trend of digital payments, and understands the business plans that emerging companies preach.

Gisela Edendahl preliminarily understood market data, application, technological trend of block chain and digital currency, ICO and venture capital, as well as relevant policies of the government at the meeting, and believed that the first three things the group should do at present: start, accelerate and innovate, so that the group block chain strategy can achieve real business results as soon as possible.

Gisela Edendahl, European block chain technology conference 2018, has an in-depth understanding of the application and development of block chain technology. Gisela Edendahl believes that adhering to real-world values and creating a more secure, fair and transparent block chain ecosystem is the best way to develop block chain technology.


Participating in the European block chain summit, Karzen will officially enter the block chain market, which is really a great thing!

The reason why Karzen has officially entered the block chain field

Karzen has been deeply engaged in the investment industry for many years. As a pioneer of capital investment, numerous investment projects issued have become increasingly well-known in the industry and have been exploring the overseas capital market. Karzen CTO Gisela Edendahl said that the block chain market is full of potential and ready to attack this market.The technological potential of block chain could benefit almost everyone in the world.

Block chain is a set of trusted distributed database “ledgers”.As a new integrated application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm, block chain technology is featured by decentralization, openness, tamper-proof and anonymity.

Block chain technology determines the characteristics of its application scenario is very rich, is not confined to virtual currency, based on this characteristic, Karzen is international will use the block chain technology connected biotech and stem cell research projects, such as block chain technology, combined with artificial intelligence, big data, such as technology, implementation is Karzen cross-border integration of capital, to optimize industry supply chain, to provide security group clients high quality products and services.

In the field of stem-cell medicine, Karzen aims to create stem cell therapeutic formulations and incorporate them into public circulation.This medicalization of stem cell therapy will help all those in need of regenerative medicine easily obtain formulations.The project will create a library of cells to store individual stem cells.These stem cells can be used by specific individuals when they are needed for a stem cell-based treatment program.

Karzen has set up a payment system based on a cryptocurrency-based stem-cell treatment program for affiliated hospitals.Pay in digital currency.In Karzen’s unique token system, digital currencies circulate in all projects under the group, which will make the payment process simple, affordable and seamless.There is not only great room for profit to increase, but also to eliminate the barriers caused by non-circulation of money when users consume.Using electronic “wallets” created by block chain around virtual currencies and identity formation data, block chain becomes our “custodian” for interacting with the online world.

In the field of biotechnology, Karzen’s primary goal is to build an ecosystem where everyone can access high-quality medical services anywhere in the world.Take advantage of the advantages of block chain to protect privacy and security and integrate it into the distributed cloud platform.Groups encrypt data even when you share it with others.Whether the data is stored, Shared or analyzed, the data will be disclosed only as necessary and not in full.

Gisela Edendahl said that the decentralization technology of block chain can challenge the trust system problem of online entertainment platforms, eliminate credit boundaries and rent-seeking space that exist at each end, and make all transaction behaviors transparent.By using the block chain consensus mechanism as the operating medium, the platform and the industry chain can operate efficiently in charge of bookkeeping, exchange, clearing and settlement, and term management.

Gisela Edendahl said that there is still a lot of room for the future development of block chain technology. The development process of block chain is followed, and its power to change the world is gradually emerging.It is believed that with the continuous investment of capital and manpower, the group’s new block chain projects will surely create a new pattern in the future.

A new generation of block chain wealth has arrived, and Karzen will surely open the secret key for block chain, creating an opportunity and challenge for block chain.