K.L. Hudson Helps Small and Mid-Size Businesses to Thrive in the Fiercely Competitive Market

K.L. Hudson, a leading business consulting firm which was founded in 1996, now helps small and mid-size businesses to overcome their growing pains.

USA, 28th March

K.L. Hudson, a business consulting firm serving primarily the Southern California region, recently announced that they are now offering growth hacks for small and mid-size businesses in the region and beyond. The consulting firm, which has majority of its clients from the manufacturing sector, primarily caters to businesses that have annual revenue in the range of 5 million USD to 50 million USD. The owner and founder of the company, Kendall L. Hudson recently appeared at a press conference to announce that their consultants are capable of examining, diagnosing, and providing bespoke solutions to businesses in the region.

“We mainly work with clients who are currently experience robust growth but are looking for ways to optimize their manufacturing process and the key metrics. What happens with many start-ups is that they roll out a new product and when the product starts selling, they start to manufacture it in-house. This way, the product’s popularity outgrows the in-house expertise and deliverability of the manufacturer. This creates a problem as they often lack the financial resources to hire high-level experts”, said Mr. K.L. Hudson during a press conference.

“We aim to solve this problem by defining what the businesses really need, by helping them to set up the right systems and enable them to create sustainable manufacturing processes” he added.

According to Mr. Hudson, the second area of their focus is facilitating businesses to adapt to traditional manufacturing processes. He also said that his firm has recently started offering turnkey project management solutions. “Businesses often lack the management resources to achieve their strategic goals and implement projects. We take on these projects and manage the projects right from the planning stage through the execution and we aim to use as little of the resources provided by the client as we can. Our executives bring a lot of relevant experience and expertise to the table and we are ready to work for our clients on a full-time or a part-time basis”, said Mr. Hudson during a press conference.

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