JR Financial Holdings Files Prospectus for ETPC STO Offering


Under the recent downturn of Cryptocurrency, European Markets were greeted today by a new token release – Electronic Transmitted Parking Coins (ETPC) – an ERC-20 STO Cryptocurrency issued by JR Financial. ETPC looks to serve the growing need for car-parking, and it is based on parking real-estate reserves. Certain number of ETPC tokens is legally tied to a parking spot asset, therefore ETPC can and will be used for collecting the revenue for the associated parking spot, or to be used network-wise as parking validations or community exchange.


In the news release provided by JR Financial, Co-Executive Chairman Ricardo Onnis commented, ‘Europeans know technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, and AI are going to change the way we live, work and park our cars, but it can be difficult to access high quality investments especially in the parking sector without deep domain expertise. We are doing the work for investors, using our in-depth industry knowledge to provide the market with an innovative suite of investment options that help them invest in new technology even if they are not an expert.’

  • Ricardo Onnis, Chairman of the ETPC Autonomy Committee, Co-Executive Chairman of JR International Financial Holdings Limited

Prior to the event today, ETPC is on beta-tesing started 11th of November this year. According to Chairman Onnis, ‘Thanks to supports from our investors worldwide, we just passed the half-way point on our angel investment stage, and will stop accepting buy-in requests at the end of this year. My team and I are very grateful for our community supports.’


ETPC is now available for investors via Ethereum network, and will be available for exchange trading in early 2019.