Istanbul-Based Jewelry Brand Janadi Launched World’s First 3D-Printed Jewelry Depicting Human Faces

Janadi, a jewelry brand which has its retail outlets in Istanbul, Turkey, recently launched world’s first 3D-printed jewelry pieces that are designed from human face scan data.


Janadi, an Istanbul based jewelry brand, launched the first ever 3D printed jewelry that depict human faces. According to the designers, there are many samples of jewelry including the human face in the history of jewelry but most of them are in the shape of engraving these jewelry pieces do not depict the exact anatomy of the face.

“The exact 3D scan data of the human face is brought into the jewelry with the aid of 3D printing by our experts”, said the design team head of Janadi at a press conference.

The 3D-printed face jewelry was an innovative idea derived from the medical masks. These innovative designs were inspired of the works of Yakup Avsar M.D., aesthetic plastic surgeon, who is the inventor of befor-and-after simulation 3D masks. For him these pieces are beyond jewelry and have many things to tell. He names them ‘talking pieces’.

JANADI is the trademark for products carrying the face on them. Every piece is a unique design of art with 1, 2 or some faces on that. It can be a personal, a family or a friendship piece. These designs bring another dimension to the jewelry that is the moral impurity. In fact they immaterialize the pieces, incorporating emotional feeling into the jewelry. The charged energy of the person during scanning of the face is directly imposed into the jewelry.

“You can feel the effect of age, mood, feelings, and many other moral characteristics in the pieces. Somebody likes to carry her or his own face on the jewelry, some other likes to carry the face of her or his couple, engaged, children, parents, family, friends, and so on. You may think of your grand children who will be able to see the anatomy of your face on so valued pieces of art”, said an executive of the jewelry manufacturing company.

About the Company

Janadi is an Istanbul/Turkey based jewelry brand.

Istanbul / Turkey